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Who we are ?

    Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the printing of plastic flexible packaging, established in 2008. The total area of the Shanghai factory: 6000 square meters, and the total area of the Anhui Guangde factory: 15,000 square meters. The annual output value is: RMB 50 million to RMB 80 million. The factory is designed as a 300,000-level purification workshop according to the standard workshop.

    Existing employees of the company: more than 65 people, with a group of senior and intermediate technical personnel who have been engaged in flexible packaging for many years. The company has multiple flexible packaging production lines: high-speed printing machines, solvent-free laminating machines, dry laminating machines, high-speed slitting machines, multi-functional bag making machines and corresponding product inspection and testing equipment, all of which are at the leading domestic level.

Our main products are: three-side seal bags, three-side seal stand-up bags, three-side seal zipper bags, three-side seal stand-up zipper bags, back seal bags, three-dimensional back seal bags, three-dimensional side seal bags, four-side seal bags, Eight-side sealing bags, eight-side sealing zipper bags, special-shaped bags, nozzle bags, plastic composite roll film, disposable PE plastic gloves, disposable CPE gloves, disposable TPE gloves, plastic vest bags, garbage bags and other products.

    The company integrates R&D, plate making, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making and inspection. The company adheres to the tenet of providing first-class products and high-quality services. Our company will provide you with high-quality, high-grade products and the most perfect service.

Why choose us ?

Our company name is: Dusha. It comes from the Russian word: Душа, which means the soul of a person. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the founder hoped that we would uphold people-oriented and attentive service to provide customers with a full range of help and support, especially from the perspective of customers. We can provide customers with professional, efficient and economical services when they face difficulties:

1. Use innovative technology, big data, artificial intelligence, remote video and other new methods to provide services to customers, so that customers may not necessarily come to China, but arrive at our factory, and they can still watch and supervise the whole process of product production and product inspection. , The final packaging process of the product, the process of loading the product into the container, etc.;

2. We provide customers with outer packaging design services, and can also provide customers with translation services in different languages, and can also provide customers with packaging materials printing services, which solves many difficulties encountered by customers in the process of ordering packaging materials;



3. Since you are from different regions of the world, you may not know how to ship the products you bought from us back to your country when you buy our products. Please don’t worry! We can provide you with a full range of transportation services. Whether it is sea transportation, land vehicle transportation, land rail transportation, land-sea combined transportation, air transportation, etc., we can specify transportation plans, book space, arrange empty containers, and short-distance transportation containers to sea ports. , Railway stations or air ports, etc.;

4. Many packaging materials need to submit certification reports, inspection reports and other documents to the customs during the purchase process of customers. Don’t worry, we will cooperate with your needs and provide you with or entrust a third party to provide you with such reports or file.

Company strength

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Advanced high-speed printing machine
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Laminating machine
Bag making workshop

Company strength

Current company equipment:
1. We have advanced eight-color, nine-color, and ten-color combined high-speed printing presses: 1 each.
2. High-precision inspection machine: 1 set.
3. High-speed dry laminating machine: 1 set, solvent-free laminating machine: 1 set.
4. High-speed slitting machine: 3 sets.
5. Multifunctional bag making machine: 15 sets.
6. Film blowing machines.
7. Various bag making machines, 4 sets t-shirt bag making machines, 4 sets garbage bag making machines, 8 sets plastic glove machine

Quality production process

1. Incoming material inspection:
Supplier verification report, raw material inspection specifications.
2. Printing inspection:
Process inspection specifications, appearance inspection, solvent residue inspection
3. Compound inspection
Process inspection specification, glue amount detection, solvent residue detection, curing time monitoring
4. Special inspection for slitting bag making
Physical performance testing, size testing, air leakage and fastness testing
5. Finished product inspection:
Physical performance testing, size testing, physical and chemical index testing, appearance and quantity testing

Cooperation Process

Request a quote

According to your product materials and design drafts, the production costs of different specifications and materials are different, so the unit prices are different, please consult our sales manager for details. It is best to post a sample to us if you have.

Proof design manuscript

After the effect of the manuscript comes out, the customer needs to carefully confirm every detail again. Any dissatisfaction can be raised, and we will help you revise it in time.

Design draft

Provide vector graphics (PSD, AI, CDR, format files) and international color numbers to us, and inform us of the requirements and printing content at one time, or let our professional design team help you design.

Finished product delivery

Please check the manuscript carefully when you check the manuscript, and you can't change it after printing and production to avoid unnecessary losses. After the finished product is ready, the factory arranges transportation.

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