How to choose a suitable facial mask packaging bag

Facial mask introduction

The facial mask is a category of skin care products, used for skin hydrating, also has a variety of functions such as moisturizing, moisturizing, nutrition, improving appearance, deep cleaning.

The facial mask can be classified into: Peel-off facial masks, water washing mask, and market mainstream patch type mask.Today we mainly introduce the packaging of patch-type facial  mask.

Patch type facial mask introduction 

There are two types of cloth masks. Including the gel-containing non-woven fabric, and the impregnated nonwoven fabric. The gel-containing nonwoven fabric sticker is to apply a layer of gel formulation on a nonwoven fabric, cut into a face shape, and then sealed in the package. The impregnated nonwoven mask is a more commonly used mask type, which is to impregnate the mask fluid in a nonwoven fabric and then cut into a face shape, and then seal in the package.

Facial mask packaging bag design requirements

First, the mask packaging bag needs to protrude the function of the mask

If you want a mask brand to sell more popular prospects, in addition to the quality of the mask itself and the value, the design of the packaging needs to spend a thought. In the process of designing the mask packaging bag, the information and functions of the entire product should be reflected through the outer bag. Therefore, in the process of design, the actual functionality to be highlighted is also an intuitive information expression. Such as highlighting whitening effects, Such as highlighting the sedation of the medical beauty facial mask.


Facial mask packaging bag material requirements

The mask product is in direct contact with the skin of the human body, and some masks have also had drug ingredients, so their packaging packaging requires good performance, high barrier resistance; Mask on the market are generally marked with a shelf life, generally 12 months, some even 36 months, according to the above requirements, mask bags are generally required with aluminum or aluminum material. Mask bags are mostly complicated with two or more layers of materials, common material structures are: PET / Al / PE, PET / AL / PET / PE, PET / VMIPET / PE, BOPP / VMPET / PE, BOPP / Al / PE, MAT-0PP / VIPET / PE, MAT-0PP / AL / PE, etc.

From the main material structure, the aluminized film and the pure aluminum film are basically used inside the packaging structure.Contrast aluminum plating materials, pure aluminum has good metal texture, silver white, with reflective properties; aluminum metal characteristics is soft, can be customized as required to customize different composite materials, in line with high-end mask products on thick quality,
Because of this, the mask packaging bag is required from the beginning of the basic function, to the high-end requirements rise , rise in performance and texture, which promotes the transition of the facial mask bag from the aluminized bag to the pure aluminum bag.

Production points of making facial mask bags

1, printing of mask packaging bag

From the current market requirements and consumer’s perspective, the mask is basically considered high-end products. The most basic decor request is not the same as ordinary food, and the annualization packaging requirements are more stringent. So, for printing, PET printing is used as an example, and the printing accuracy and color phase requirements of its printing are at least one level higher than other packaging requirements. For example, the national standard standard is 0.2mm, then the secondary position of mask pack printing is basically needed to achieve this printing standard, in order to better adapt to customer requirements and consumers’ needs. In terms of chromatic aberration, the mask packaging customers are also stricter than the general food companies, and more refiners. Therefore, in the printing link, for the layout, the company’s enterprises that produce mask packaging bags should pay attention to control. Of course, for the printed base material, there will be higher requirements to accommodate high requirements for printing.

2, composite requirements for mask packaging bags

The composite of the mask packaging bag is mainly controlled by three major aspects: composite wrinkles, composite solvent residues, composite sparrons and bubbles. In this step, these three major aspects are key factors affecting the yield of mask packaging bags.

3, the bag making requirements of the mask bag

At the finished process, the flatness of the mask packaging bag is mainly seen in the flatness of the mask packaging bag and the strength and appearance of the edge. In the finished product process, flatness and appearance are more difficult to grasp. Because of its final technical level, the bag is very easy to scratch in the finished process, and there is an abnormality such as a finished product. For strict mask bags, these are definitely not allowed, for this problem, we may wish to manage the machine from the most basic 5S to control the phenomenon of scratch. As the most basic workshop environment management, the machine is cleaned, is one of the guarantees of the machine, no east-like, ensuring normal, smooth work, this is a basic production guarantee. Of course, it is necessary to specifically to the most basic and most specific operation requirements of the machine, and change. In terms of appearance, for the requirements of the edge, it is generally required for the edge of the edge, and the application of the pattern is thinner, even the flat blocking. This is a relatively special requirement. For the operator of the machine, it is also a great test.

Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of facial mask packaging bags. We can customize  different kinds of pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!



How to choose biscuits packaging solution

1. The background and significance of biscuit packaging

     Biscuits are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Biscuits are divided into many types, such as: crisp biscuits, tough biscuits, fermented biscuits, compressed biscuits, sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, cookie biscuits, etc., so now we design biscuit packaging At this time, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the packaging materials of the biscuits, but also to design different packaging according to different types of biscuits.

      Biscuit packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics, and consumer psychology, and it directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. We are convinced that packaging is a powerful means to establish the harmony between products and consumers. In today’s economic globalization, packaging and commodities have been integrated. As a means of realizing commodity value and use value, packaging plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption.

     The function of packaging is to protect goods, facilitate transportation and storage, and promote sales. As a comprehensive subject, packaging has the dual nature of combining commodities and art. Today, as a professional manufacturer of biscuit packaging materials, Duxia Package will introduce how to choose a suitable packaging method for you in terms of biscuit packaging design, biscuit packaging materials, biscuit packaging methods, etc.

2. Biscuit packaging design requirements

    When designing packaging for a specific product, we first need to understand the current market situation, understand our market positioning, and then carry out the corresponding packaging design according to our positioning, and biscuit packaging design is no exception. We will explain the packaging design of biscuits on these points.

2.1Analysis of Biscuit Packaging Market

2.1.1. Low-fat healthy biscuit products become mainstream in the market

    Nowadays, while people are increasingly pursuing convenient and fast lifestyles, the healthy and nutritional value of snack foods is also getting more and more attention. Nutritional and health-care biscuits, such as various vegetable biscuits, whole grain biscuits, and vitamin biscuits, have been launched one after another. This product is strictly prohibited from using sodium metabisulfite as an improver, and replaced with papain or neutral protease. Children’s nutritional biscuits should use fats with higher unsaturated fatty acids, add high-quality protein, calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of modern people.

2.1.2. Female biscuit consumption becomes fashionable

    Biscuits originally seemed to be just a kind of children’s food, but now this situation is changing. The survey results show that about 70% of current biscuit consumption are women, and this proportion is even higher in soda crackers. Female consumption is mostly young women. These women often put one or two packs of biscuits in the office or at home, which can be used as a snack for breakfast or as a snack between meals. Some manufacturers have seen this market change and launched new products specifically for women, such as high-calcium soda biscuits. The target of their calcium supplements is not children, but clearly their target customers are “health-conscious wowen over 25 years old”.

2.1.3. The packaging form shows a two-level differentiation trend.

    In recent years, with the increasing competition in the market, biscuit companies have continuously pursued unconventional product packaging. The packaging of high-end biscuit is becoming smaller and smaller, appealing for individuality and fashion; low-end biscuit favors large and affordable packaging in order to make consumers feel intuitive Good quality and low price.
    The market structure has also undergone major changes recently. High-, medium-, and low-end product manufacturers have had an impact on each other. Many large manufacturers have begun to enter the low-end market, hoping to reshuffle the low-end market and block weaker opponents.
And some up-and-coming stars have also begun to enter some high-end markets by adjusting their product structure, increasing market competition has promoted the continuous development of new products one after another.

3.Biscuit Packaging Market Positioning and Corresponding Design


    According to the above market analysis, the consumer market for biscuits has three main segments: child consumers, student consumers, and female office workers. For the above three consumer markets, we need to pay attention to the following points when designing.

3.1. Children’s biscuit packaging design

    Children prefer cartoon, cute, and attractive design packaging. This is the key to the design of children’s biscuit packaging. Therefore, familiarity, intimacy, and fun are an important design element for children’s biscuit packaging.

3.2. Biscuit packaging design for female consumer groups

   Female consumer groups pay great attention to the nutritional properties of biscuits and need not to make people fat. Coarse grain biscuits, high-fiber biscuits, and low-fat biscuits are the biscuit products that women particularly love. Therefore, if these elements are included in the design, they need to be simply and straightforwardly added to the design pattern and text. And it is not advisable to use too bright colors and too complicated patterns in packaging design. Need simple and refreshing patterns and concise text descriptions for women biscuits.

4.Biscuit packaging material requirements

    Biscuits are made from wheat flour (glutinous rice flour, starch, etc.) as the main raw material, sugar, oil and other raw materials are added (or not added), and the food is made into a crispy or crunchy food after flour adjustment, forming, and baking. .In addition to satisfying hunger, biscuits can also be used as snacks. Compared with snacks such as bread and pastries,Biscuits have their own unique advantages, such as good taste, storage resistance, easy to carry, and can be used as tourist food taste. But biscuits also have shortcomings. First, once the biscuits get damp, the biscuits will soften and the quality will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the most important thing in the packaging of biscuits is moisture-proof and mildew-proof packaging. Secondly, some biscuits contain a lot of oil, which is easy to oxidize. This is also the key consideration in packaging. Third, the biscuits are fragile, and the anti-fragmentation elements should also be considered when packaging.

    The common types of biscuit packaging mainly include plastic film sealed packaging, carton packaging and iron tin packaging, but these three types of packaging are outer packaging, and the inner material directly in contact with the biscuit is mainly composite plastic film.
    So what kind of plastic materials can meet the needs of the inner packaging of biscuits?

If it is aimed at high-end consumer customers, then its packaging materials must be of high quality and high value. It is recommended to use CPP film printing + pure aluminum foil + food grade PE material composite material to make packaging film, which not only prints high-end, but also has good quality.

Ordinary biscuits can be made with some ordinary materials. Considering the cost, it is recommended to use: CPP film printing + food grade PE film composite packaging film, no need to add aluminum foil.

5.Biscuit Packaging Solution 

    Nowadays, the biscuit industry has undergone continuous development and its market competitiveness has become stronger and stronger. There are a variety of biscuit packaging types on the market, these types are mainly reflected in biscuit packaging materials, and they are determined by biscuit packaging materials. There are four common types of biscuit packaging: plastic film sealed packaging, carton packaging and iron tin packaging.

5.1.Plastic film sealed packaging for biscuits

    The plastic composite film sealing packaging of biscuits is mainly embodied by the use of plastic film. Due to the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials themselves in terms of performance, price and freight, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging.

    Plastic composite film is a very good moisture-proof packaging material. It is most used in biscuit packaging. There are two main forms: one is in bulk, which means that the measured biscuits are poured into the bag together, and then sealed with heat; The other is to wrap a certain amount of biscuits, generally about 50-100g, arrange them neatly, and then wrap them and seal them with a film.Biscuit plastic packaging is characterized by plastic sealing, good barrier properties, light weight, easy molding, simple packaging, and convenient sales. This is the advantage of the biscuit plastic packaging design.

5.2.Carton packaging of biscuits

    Carton packaging is one of the main forms of biscuit packaging, with square, rectangular, round, irregular and other forms. Whiteboard paper, offset paper, etc. are mostly used as packaging materials. When packing in a carton, first use a plastic composite film (plastic composite bag) as the inner package for the biscuits, and wrap the outside of the box with a film.

     The price of paper is the cheapest, and it is not as easy to dissolve and print as plastic, not as fragile as glass, and not as heavy as metal, so it is easy to carry. The biscuits are packaged with paper materials, which have good packaging strength, a certain degree of pressure resistance, beautiful appearance, strong commercial properties, good moisture resistance and shading properties, and good printing adaptability and adhesion properties.

5.3. Tinplate packaging of biscuits

    Tietin packaging is a biscuit tin packaging made of color-printed tinplate. There are many kinds of iron cans, such as square, rectangle, cylinder, ellipse and special shape.

    The packaging is beautiful, the biscuits are neatly arranged and not easily broken. This kind of packaging has the best airtightness, high packaging strength, bright and generous appearance, excellent shading, and durability, but it requires a lot of space to store empty cans.Therefore, tinplate cans and carton packaging are now only used for large packaging or expensive varieties and various gift packaging.


    Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of biscuits packaging films and biscuits packaging bags. We can customize  different kinds of pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!

How to choose the right ketchup packaging

Introduction of Ketchup

    Ketchup is a sauce-like concentrated product of fresh tomatoes. It has a bright red sauce and has the unique flavor of tomatoes. It is a distinctive condiment and is generally not directly consumed.
Ketchup is made by crushing, beating, removing the skin and seeds and other hard substances from ripe red tomatoes, then concentrating, filling and sterilizing. Ketchup is often used as a cooking condiment for fish, meat and other foods. It is a good seasoning product that enhances color, adds acid, helps freshness and fragrant.

Ketchup packaging method

    Ketchup is a very common condiment in people’s daily life. At present, the common packaging methods in the market are as follows.
    One is ketchup in small bags, which are mainly found in KFC, McDonald’s and Italian restaurants, and are mainly used for dipping French fries, potato cakes and other foods.
    The second is ketchup packed in a self-supporting spout bag. This is usually found on supermarket shelves for customers to choose and use as a condiment when they return home.
    The third is tomato ketchup packed in plastic bottles, which also appears on supermarket shelves.
    The fourth is tomato ketchup in glass bottles.

    Today, Shanghai duxia package will briefly introduce the characteristics of the above four ketchup packaging methods and their respective advantages.

ketchup in small bags

    The small bag of tomato sauce is filled by a dedicated vertical packaging machine. The ketchup packaging machine is a machine equipment that is specially designed for packaging ketchup in small packets and small bags. The machine can pack ketchup in multiple rows, with high packaging efficiency and fast speed.

    The ketchup packaging machine can be divided into 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows and other types. It uses liquid piston pumps or peristaltic pumps for material metering and perfusion. It can be customized and developed according to the needs of users. As a manufacturer, you only need to place the composite printed packaging film on the packaging machine, and you can get a packaged ketchup bag with four sides sealed.


    The small bag of tomato sauce roll film material is mostly composed of three layers of bopp+vmpet+pe. It is made into roll film after designing, printing, laminating and slitting. Then it can be placed on the packaging machine for filling and bag making. Shanghai Duxia package is a professional manufacturer of ketchup packaging film, welcome customers to visit and inquire!

 Stand up spout bag for ketchup

    The spout bag is an emerging beverage, jelly, and jam packaging bag developed on the basis of the stand up pouch bag.The structure of the nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand up pouch  bag. The bottom structure of the spout bag and the stand-up pouch bag are the same, and composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The nozzle part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth with a straw. The two parts are tightly combined to form a beverage jam package that supports sucking, and because it is a flexible package, there is no difficulty in sucking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal new packaging bag. After innovation by the packaging manufacturer, the spout bag can be used for ketchup packaging.

  The production method of ketchup nozzle bag is basically the same as the ordinary stand-up bag production process, which is composed of basic processes such as printing, compounding, curing, slitting, and bag making.
However, the nozzle bag has an additional workflow, that is,hot seal  the nozzle on the stand up pouch bag.

After the nozzle bag making is completed, the stand-up pouch filling and capping machine can be used to fill and seal the ketchup. The working process of this filling machine is a series of tasks such as automatic bag feeding, bag hanging, coding, filling, automatic lid lifting, lid arranging, lid locking, and bag withdrawal. The machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, convenient use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency.

    Shanghai Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of spout bags. Customers are welcome to inquire!

Plastic squeeze sauce bottle for ketchup packaging

    Plastic squeeze sauce bottles are another way to fill ketchup. Plastic bottles are blow molded by a blow molding machine. After that, the filling machine can automatically complete the bottle filling, filling, capping, sealing,and labeling to complete the packaging.

Glass bottles for Ketchup packaging

    Glass bottles are traditional packaging containers in our country, but also a reliable container suitable for ketchup packaging. Glass is also a very historical packaging material. In many cases of many packaging materials, the glass container still has an important position in the packaging, which does not disconnect the packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot be replaced.

    The main features of the glass packaging container are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, barrier, non-breathable, and can be used multiple times. And has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance, both of which can be highly sterilized, or low-temperature storaged. It is precisely due to its many advantages, so beer, fruit tea, ketchup and other drinks prefer to choose it as packaging materials.

How to put ketchup into a glass container? We mainly complete a series of workflows such as transport bottles, filling ketchup, swag cover, and labeling.

Comparison of 4 kinds of tomato sauce packaging

     Tomato sauce film packaging, ketchup suction bag packaging, ketchup plastic bottle packaging and ketchup glass bottle packaging are the main four packaging methods of ketchup. These four packaging methods require professional packaging machines, we don’t consider the cost of the machine, simply just consider the cost of packaging materials.


    These four packaging methods from packaging materials from small to large sorting: roll film packaging <suction bag packaging <plastic bottle packaging <glass bottle packaging. The cost of the roll film packaging is the lowest, and only the three steps can be made simply by printing, composite, and slitting these three steps. Secondly, nozzle bag packaging. Compared with the roller film packaging, he added two steps of “bag making and suction nozzles adding”. Therefore, the packaging cost has improved a lot. Then the cost of plastic bottle packaging is also relatively high. Two steps in blowing and injection molding are required to complete the production of bottles and caps. The most expensive natural is a glass bottle, which is determined by his material nature. The above three packages are made of lower cost plastics, and he uses glass. Therefore, the cost is the highest. We recommend that customers also take the cost according to the cost, choose the right ketchup packaging.


     Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ketchup pacakging materials. which including ketchup packaging film roll , ketchup spout bag and so on . We can customize  different kinds of pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry



How to make the suitable potato chips packaging

1.Introduction of potato chips

    Potato chips refer to snacks made from potatoes, and is an important part of many national snack markets. When making potato chips, first remove the potato outer skin, then cut into a sheet, Then fry or baketo crisp, And seasoned. This potato chip has been fully made till now.

2.Potato chips packaging material requirements

    The main requirements for the packaging of potato chips are: high barrier properties. Highly light-transmitting. Good oil resistance. Stiffness is good.
    The commonly used structures are:
B0PP/MPET/PE,   BOPP/VMPET/CPP, BOPP/VMPET/EX-PE/PE and other structures.

    Generally, the packaging materials used in potato chips products are mostly composite film packaging bags, which are a combination of printing layer/aluminum barrier layer/heat sealing layer. It can be seen that the aluminum layer is not in direct contact with the food, and it is usually in direct contact with some safer plastics.

Moreover, in the food packaging industry, the products of formal enterprises must pass safety certification before they can be eaten with confidence. Generally, this type of product has relatively large amounts of oil and is more afraid of oxidation, such as the smell of oil. In order to ensure the shelf life of the product, the barrier properties of packaging materials are usually relatively high. Aluminum is a material with relatively good ductility and barrier properties recognized throughout the world, therefore. It is widely used in the field of potato chips packaging.

3.Potato chips packaging design points

    Potato chips are one of consumers’ favorite snacks. When you open the package of potato chips and enjoy a package of your favorite chips, you probably didn’t consider the meaning behind the package of potato chips. Today duxia package will explain it to you. : Points to note in potato chip packaging design
Potato chip packaging design belongs to the packaging design in the food field. Therefore, manufacturers often hope that potato chip packaging design can make people appetite. It must meet the basic protection, promotion, and information transmission functions. In addition, it is rich in creativity and is a good packaging design.

3.1. The aesthetic characteristics of potato chip packaging bags

    The potato chip packaging bag has its own unique characteristics, such as considering the color of the food according to the characteristics of the food. For example, strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider red, and orange-flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange. Nowadays, people’s aesthetics Continuous improvement and meeting people’s aesthetic needs have become the main topic of packaging bag design. In the past, packaging that simply put a product photo could no longer satisfy people’s aesthetic standards. They needed more artistic expressions. And designers also adopted abstract The technique makes the product packaging more artistic, leaving people with room for reverie.

3.2. The rationality of potato chips packaging bags

    The picture of potato chip packaging can be exaggerated appropriately, but not arbitrarily. Modern food packaging bag designs are increasingly adopting artistic effects to express product characteristics, such as computer drawing products. This method can make up for the lack of photography, and can be combined with ingredients, The random combination of raw materials, etc., makes people more intuitively understand and trust the product.

3.3. The pertinence of potato chip packaging bags

    Because some foods are specifically targeted at a certain range of consumer groups, the performance of packaging bags needs to be highlighted.For example, for middle-aged and elderly food, the form of packaging bags is more traditional, and the colors will also adopt deep and steady colors;Children’s food requires lively and cute packaging, bright colors and often have some added value (such as can be used as a toy or collection);
For products in a certain area, local characteristics can be shown on the packaging, such as dialects, cultural traditions, etc.

4.Potato chips packaging method and packaging bag type

    At present, there are mainly two packaging methods for potato chips packaging.
One is to use a combination weigher packaging machine for packaging. The machine can automatically complete the processes of feeding, weighing, filling potato chips, filling with nitrogen, sealing the bag and forming, and cutting the film. Just prepare the potato chip packaging roll film and place it on the packaging machine. No need to make finished bags in advance. The bag types that can be made by this machine include back-seal bags, three-side-seal bags, and four-sides-seal bags.

     Another way is to use a bag packaging machine. Make potato chip packaging bags in advance, which can be made into three-side-sealed self-supporting bags, eight-side-sealed bags, and special-shaped bags.
Place the bag in the storage position in advance, and the machine can automatically complete the entire process of taking the bag, loading (potato chips), opening the potato chip bag, filling the potato chip, and sealing the bag, so that the packaging quality is higher. Packaging costs will naturally be higher.

     Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of potato chips packaging films and potato chips packaging bags. We can customize  different kinds of pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!



How to choose the right rice packaging bag

Introduction of rice

   Rice is the food made after the rice is cleaned, peeled. The rice contains nearly 64% of the nutrients and more than 90% of the human body, and is the main food of the people in Southeast Asia.

    Most of the world’s rice is distributed in the monsoon area of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia’s tropical rainforest. China is the world’s largest rice producer, annual output ranks first for many years. In 2019, China’s rice production is expected to account for 28.90% of global production. Yield ranking second is India, Most of India’s agriculture is based on traditional agriculture, and modernization is not high. India’s rice production accounts for about 23% of the world. The remaining rice yields also have Indonesia (7.70%), Bangladeshi (7.03%), Vietnam (5.61%), Thailand, Philippines (2.41%), Pakistan (1.39%).

Rice packaging bag design 

Rice packaging bag pattern design

    Many manufacturers in rice packaging will combine the patterns of the packaging bag from the local culture. for example. This Thai rice sold in China is the Thai rice imported by China COFCO. Sold in China. All Chinese display has been used in rice packaging, which is convenient for Chinese customers to buy. However, the Thai local culture pattern is used, and the Thai palace is used as a design element in the rice bag, which has a strong regional color, let people think about the Thai palace, and people in the palace. Rice packaging grades improved a lot on this.

    Let’s look at a design. The father of China’s hybrid rice, the Yuan Longping team produced a rice. This is a rice produced in salt base. Let’s take a closer look at his packaging bag. The rice origin is in Inner Mongolia. The rice packaging bag is designed with Inner Mongolia local culture. These include cattle and sheep animal elements on the Inner Mongolia prairies, and the mountain and cloud pattern of Daxinganling.

    People can think of the beautiful Inner Mongolia grassland, magnificent Daxing Anling Mountains, it is a very good design,which can mobilize people’s desire to purchase the rice.

Text design of rice packaging bag

    If it is a domestic rice, we need to complete the most basic content on the bag. 1. The basic information of printing products is required, including origin, quality grade, shelf life, etc.

2, need to manufacture manufacturers, including company name, address, and several major origins.

3, need to write basic nutrients on the rice pack bag, including energy, protein, fat content, and the like.

4, there is still the remaining printing position, it is recommended to add storage recommendations, etc.

If it is imported rice, we recommend the use of at least 2 languages, the language of the rice origin, and the language of the sales country, which can bring a strong hunting psychology to the buyer, thus stimulating the customer’s consumption.

Materials requirements for rice packaging bags


    At present, the packaging of rice has a variety of packaging materials.
    Rice packaging materials have a great impact on the quality and consumption quality safety of rice. According to national standards GB / T17109, “food sales packaging” stipulates that rice packaging materials should have the following features: safety, hygiene, non-toxic, non-pollution; there is sufficient strength, not easy to damage; Do not have any physical and chemical reactions with rice; The packaging bag should have moisture-proof, anti-mobility, anti-insect, and extend rice shelf life function. 

   There are currently two packaging materials in the market in the market. 

rice composite woven bag

    The first is to use a color printing woven rice bag. It is printed after printing the OPP film (some is a matte film or pearl film), and then combined with the transparent braided material, the common specification of the color print rice package is 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg.

    The use of plastic woven bags to pack rice, and its waste will be more serious. Generally, the packaging bag can only use 1-2 times, relative costs are also high.It is difficult to seal it after opening the package, which is not conducive to long-term storage.Phenomenon of pest and mildew is also relatively serious.The moisture-proof performance of packaging materials is poor, the barrier performance is poor. Therefore, this woven bag is usually only used in primary packaging.

Rice composite plastic packaging bag 

    The other is a composite plastic packaging bag that can be vaccumed, and the material structure is PA / PE. The common specifications of rice packaging bags are 2.5kg and 5kg. Plastic composite rice packaging bags are complicated by high barrier packaging materials. Solved the problem of rice mildew insects and preservation in a large extent.

    Vacuum technology has a good preservation role for rice storage, but the shape of the rice itself is not suitable for the vacuum, and does not do 100% vacuum storage. At present, the vacuum of rice vacuum packaging is generally between 0.07 ~ 0.09 kPa. As long as the vacuum is within the scope, the factory’s rice packaging is qualified product.

   Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of rice packaging bags  . We can customize  different kinds of bags by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!

How to choose the right candy packaging bag

Candy  Introduction 

     Candy refers to a snack with a sugar as a main component. If the fruit or nut food is wrapped in a sugar coating, it is called a sweet (such as a candied gourd). In terms of asian culture, chocolate and chewing gum will also be considered a kind of candy. In Europe and the United States, candies are only referring to products that use white sugar or maltose.

Candy classification

a. Cooking candy

     The cooking candy is cooked by high temperature, contains high dry solid and lower residual moisture, and the texture is brittle, so hard candy is also known.

b.Coke candy

    It is cooked by a plurality of sugar compounds, fat, and milk proteins, and chemically reacts under high temperature conditions makes the product with special focal flavor.

c. Inflatable candy

    Mechanical staining effect, filled with countless bubbles in the sugar, Or oriented mechanically stretched to form a pores and become an inflatable sweetness.

d. Gel candy

    Also known as soft sugar. It is a class of candies that have a basic composition of different gels, which are a soft and sturdy sweet body.

e. Chocolate Products

     It is a special sugar-containing food that is based on cocoa  as a basic composition.

2. Candy packaging design

2.1 Candy packaging color selection

    There are many kinds of candies, they have their own taste, at which point designers can show them through the packaging design, one of the very good ways is to handle the color of the packaging color. Each color can bring people a different kind of psychological feeling, but also make people distribute a variety of different smells, that is, “candy packaging can reflect the taste”.

    For example, when people encounter yellow or green, it is natural to think of sour lemon; You encounter green, you will think about cucumber, vegetables, etc. Yellow, white makes people think of sweetness, When you encounter black, it is easy to make people think of bitter taste.

     Different candies are needed to select the packages combined with different colors, so that consumers can easily understand the taste of candy. Like chocolate sweet and silky taste to show brown, golden color, etc. The fragrant taste of milk is used in white performance; Therefore, the color in the confectionery design is the first point, Such as lemon sugar does not use black as a packaging paper; Chocolate candies can’t use red as a wrapping paper.

2.2 Graphical expression in candy packaging design

    Graphics have obvious advantages in visual communication, such as intuitive and easy to understand, rich in expressiveness, and strong in appeal, so they are widely used in candy packaging design. The main function of graphics in packaging is to highlight the characteristics of products, arouse consumers’ interest, and allow product information to penetrate into consumers’ minds more quickly, and to encourage consumers to purchase their products. The graphics used in the packaging must conform to the shape and function of the product to enhance the image of the candy product. Make full use of the symbolic function of the graphic itself to accurately convey product information.


2.3 The textual expression of candy packaging

    The text in the candy packaging design plays a vital role. As a food, safety is the first priority. For diabetics, the intake of candy can be life-threatening. Therefore, the text implantation of xylitol is very important for packaging. The product packaging can be without graphics, but not without text. As a visual element, text plays an important and irreplaceable role in packaging design. Some important matters still need to be clearly explained in text, rather than ambiguous graphics. For some special consumers, text may be more helpful to them. It serves as an explanation and can also prevent patients from eating by mistake.

3.Choice of candy packaging materials 

3.1. Selection of internal packaging materials for candies

    The choice of confectionery packaging materials is mainly based on the requirements of the product to gas permeability, oxygency, shelf life and cost. The internal packaging is generally small packaging, which is high for security requirements. Candy is generally packaged in paper or wax paper. For granulated sugar packages sold in confectionery, it is required to have high moisture-proof sex and olemeability, and have good printing and admissibility, preventing light and has rapid low temperature hot sealing to prevent hot melt. The shelf life can be extended if the glass paper or PVDC is applied with nitrocellulose.

3.2 The choice of candy external packaging materials

    The candy external packaging materials,  according to different requirements for product packaging,  should have certain blocking effects on moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic, odor, heat, etc. Its packaging materials are small toxic, so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; packaging materials should have no corrosive, and have anti-insects, anti-mite, anti-mouse, inhibit microorganisms, to protect product safety. Candy production of Chinese and foreign packaging generally use tray or composite plastic (BOPP / PVDC, 0PP / PVDC, 0PP / LDPP), paper-plastic composite, etc., it can protect candy products Quality, there is a certain value of viewing, facilitating publicity, showing, facilitating secondary use and carrying.

4.Candy packaging method

4.1 Inner bag packaging method of candy

    At present, there are three main types of domestic candy packaging, namely twisted packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging.

a. Twisted packaging

    Twisted packaging is the oldest packaging form. This packaging form is mostly used for candy. It can be completed not only by a high-speed, automated vertical packaging machine, but also by manual operation;

The twist packaging machine is mainly suitable for double-twisted packaging of single solid objects with regular shapes, such as oval, waist round, cylindrical, spherical, square candy, chocolate, etc.

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine automatically cuts off the roll film and twists it after packaging.

b. Pillow packaging

    Pillow packaging was popular internationally in the 1970s, and it has been popular in China since the 1980s. Due to the popularity of pillow packaging machines, most candy and chocolate manufacturers currently use pillow packaging.

    This model is mainly suitable for solid objects with regular shapes, such as wafers, spheres, ellipses, waist rounds, cylinders, squares, etc. The machine can be used for pillow-type particle packaging. Such as candy, chocolate, etc.

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine will automatically cut it after packaging.

c. Candy folding packaging

    Folding packaging is mostly used for chocolate products. Candies are suitable for rolls, strips, and boxes. This type of packaging has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials.

    The high-speed folding and packaging machine can be used for products of special size and shape, using envelopes for folding and packaging. Available in single-layer or double-layer aluminum film packaging. Suitable for packaging such as chocolate

    Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine will automatically fold the candy then pack it .

4.2 outer bag for candy packaging 

    Candy outer packaging bags are mainly packaged with three-side sealing candy bags, candy stand up pouch bags, candy pillow bags. These bags have high barrier properties and are made of composite materials. The bag is beautiful and easy to carry.

a. Three side sealing  bag for packaging candy


     The three-sided bag, that is, the three-side seal, leaving only one opening to the user. The three-sided bag is the most common bag. The airtightness of the three-sided bag is the best, and the three-side sealing bag has good barrier, moisture-proof, low heat sealing, high transparent, or color printing (1 to 9 colors). Commonly used in candy outer packaging. A zipper can be added above the bag. The bag can be turned off repeatedly and is very convenient to use. The three-sided bag is a bag made of a bag, After manual filling candies, sealing with a simple sealing machine, Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine.

b. Stand up pouch bag for packaing candy

     Stand up pouch bag refers to a soft bag with a horizontal support structure, which can stand it on its own. Stand up pouch bag is a relatively novel packaging form, which has a strong effect in improving product grade and strengthening the shelf visual. It is very convenient to use the bag. The preservation and sealing performance of the bag is very good.

    Stand up pouch bag is made from the bag making machine, and then you can manually fill the candy, and finally seal the bag by the simple sealing machine. Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine.

c. Pillow bags for packaging candy

    The pillow bag is a special vocabulary in the packaging industry. Simple talk is to seal the bag on the back of the bag, The application of the back sealing bag is very wide, generally candy,  instant noodles, etc., using such packaging forms.

    The plastic packaging film  is made into a pillow bag  by bag making machine, and then manually fills the candy, and finally seals a simple sealing machine. Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine. Or placed on the vertical packaging machine with a roll film, the packaging machine automatically cut the film after filling.



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Introduce the form and material of puffed food packaging!

1. Puffed food introduction

     The puffed food is a major raw material with cereal, potato or beans, etc., using a puffed process such as bakery, fried, microwave or extrusion, has a tissue, a tissue, crisp, fragrant fragrance Various casual foods. Such as snow rice cake, potato chips, shrimps, shrimp slices, popcorn, rice fruit, etc. The puffed food is very beautiful, it is convenient to carry edible, and the raw materials are widely used, and the taste is variable. It is increasingly a food that consume public love. The puffed food is a new type of food in the end of the 1960s, which is also known as squeezed food, spurting food, light weight food.

2. Puffed food characteristics and requirements for packaging materials

2.1. Quality characteristics of puffed food

1.Low water content

2. The frying type puffed food is high, easy to oxidize

3. Puffed food tissue loose, high brittleness, low mechanical strength, large occupancy space.

4. Optical moisture absorption of seasoning type

2.2. Main performance must be available in puffed food packaging materials

(1) Hygiene safety of packaging materials

    The packaging material must first meet the requirements of the food hygiene law, without the transfer of the body, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) synthetic plastic, vinyl chloride monomer into food, vinyl chloride is harmful to the human body, and the production is added Plasticizers and stabilizers also increase the insecure, and well-preserved inks and other materials must be selected.

(2) Mechanism of moisture resistance of packaging materials:

    Both the non-polar molecule constituting or having a large thickness of crystallinity have a lower lightweight temperature, and two or more packaging materials are used to further reduce their moisture permeability.

(3) Gas barrier packaging material

    Protect food contained ingredients

(4) Light-blocking properties of packaging materials

    Light has oxidative degradation such as pigment substances such as unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, Reduce the nutritional value of food, recession in color, The oxidative decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids not only brings obvious smells to food, but also harms human health.

(5) Chemical stability of puffed food packaging materials

    The puffed food packaging material needs to remain stable for water, heat, light, acid and alkali from the environment. If the packaging material destroys the quality of the food due to the chemical reaction, the package will lose the meaning of packaging. The food content has a complex chemical component, and the packaging material cannot be chemically reacted with the food ingredient when contacting the food, so as not to cause corrosion of the bracketing and the metamorphism of the food. When the packaging material is produced, additional excipients are needed in addition to the resin as the main material. It mainly includes plasticizers, fillers, stabilizers, colorants, etc., generally referred to as additives. Various additives should be highly compatible and non-toxic, odorless, odorless, not dissolved in food, not combined with food ingredients, maintain good stability.

(6). Mechanical mechanical properties of puffed food packaging materials

1.Tensile strength

2. Fracture elongation

3. Anti-impact strength

4. Tear strength

(7) Oil resistance of puffed food packaging materials

    Prevent oil oxidation and overflow.

2.3 Puffed food common packaging materials:


    Used in potato chips, good heat sealing property, oxygen, light shielding, shelf life can reach more than one year, and can reach longer shelf life if the method of filming nitrogen is again used.

2, BOPP / VMPET / CPP (or PE), BOPP / PE / VMPET / CPP film, OPP / PET / AL / CPP:

    The packaging used for puffed food is in the form of gas-tension packaging, with advantages such as sealing property, light shielding, and oil resistance.


    The packaging of puffed food such as potato chips is often used, and the cost of the two materials is low, but the shelf life of the contents is slightly short. The material science is oxygen, rheumatized, protected from light, oil resistance, moisture, appearance, bright color, low cost, whose cost is good, BOPP, PET and VMCPP are very good, BOPP printability, high gloss. VMCPP is good, and CPP oil resistance is also good.

3.Puffed food  packaging form 

3.1 Puffed food common packaging form:

1. Puffed food ordinary plastic packaging:

     Unfill any gas or vacuum-processed bulk form, Different shelf demands can be met depending on the barrier material added to the packaging material.

2, puffed food charging plastic packaging:

    Wash the air into the finished package to prevent the puffed food from being crushed. A material having better toughness is generally selected to prevent the packaging bag from breaking.

3, puffed food refunds nitrogen packaging:

    Using nitrogen to prevent oxidation deterioration of frying type, the corresponding packaging material on nitrogen, the barrier properties of oxygen should be higher, and is more aluminum-plated composite film. It is currently using the broadest way to protect the quality of the puffed food is not oxidized, not polluting, and ensure product quality.

3.2 Puffed food packaging method

    Puffed foods typically use vertical packaging machines for packaging bags. There are two different packaging methods. One is to package with a small vertical packaging machine, directly placing the printed roll film on the machine. The process of making the bag can be completed during the filling process. Generally made a pillow bag or a three-sided bag and a four-sided bag.

    Another is to place the production of good packaging bags at the entrance to the machine. The machine automatically picks up the bag, meter, fill the puffed food, filling nitrogen, sealing and other processes. This machine can adapt to a variety of bag types. Packaged products are beautiful.

     Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Puffed food packaging bag and Puffed food packaging film  . We can customize  different kinds of retort pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!

How to determine the quality of the aluminum foil bag

Introduction about aluminum foil bags

Aluminium foil bag is a bag made of a variety of plastic films after being combined by a bag making machine, used to package food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.

Aluminum foil bags are also called pure aluminum bags. Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. Such products are suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of large precision machinery, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It mostly adopts a four-layer structure, which has good water and oxygen barrier functions. Unrestricted, you can customize packaging bags of different specifications and styles, and can be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products need to be tested by GB and ASTM standards. Products meet environmental protection requirements (third-party test reports can be provided). Products meet the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in the European Union and North America.

The uses of aluminum foil bags.

1. Composite aluminum foil bags are used for food packaging: such as packaging meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meats, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, quick-frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, The aroma, quality, taste and color of bean paste and seasonings. The water vapor transmission rate can reach <0.015 g/(m2?24h)>, and it also has the function of heat sealing. It can be vacuum-packed. The appearance of the composite aluminum foil bag is opaque, silver-white, with anti-gloss, and can be at a temperature of ≤ 38℃ , Store in an environment with humidity ≤90%.

2. Composite aluminum foil bags are used for electronic product packaging: such as mobile phone shielding bags, anti-static shielding bags, LED product packaging bags, etc., all use aluminum foil materials.

3. The composite aluminum foil bag is used for the packaging of medical products: the medical products need to be protected from light and anti-oxidation. Therefore, aluminum foil is also the best material.

4. Composite aluminum foil bags are used in various aspects of daily life such as cosmetic packaging.

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil packaging bags?

Aluminum foil bag packaging is a kind of packaging products. The protective function of the product is one of the basic functions that aluminum foil bags should have. Strict attention should be paid to the production quality to avoid various quality problems in the produced aluminum foil bags then appear in the market. Correspondingly, the production quality inspection of aluminum foil bags is also extremely important. So how to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil packaging bags?

1. Check the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag

See if there is an obvious third color at the splicing of the two colors. The higher the level of fidelity of the physical image, the better the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag, and see if there is any phenomenon such as drawing, fogging, blocking, and missing printing.

2. Check the materials of the aluminum foil bag

The packaging bag needs to be odor-free. The smelly bag generally makes people feel that it does not meet the hygiene standards, and may also affect the normal use of the bag. If there is no peculiar smell, you need to check the transparency of the bag, whether the clarity is uniform, whether there is a sense of impurities, and so on.

3.Check the firmness of the aluminum foil bag

The firmness of aluminum foil bags is mainly divided into two types, composite firmness and heat-sealing firmness. The strength of the aluminum foil bag is different due to different materials.

The main distinguishing method is to align with the edge of the bag and tear it by hand. Aluminum foil bags made of nylon and high-pressure membranes are generally difficult to tear open by hand. It can be used to hold heavier products such as stones, large particles, etc.,
The aluminum foil bag made of OPP heat-sealing film is easy to tear, and can only hold some light products;
After the bag is torn, look at the shape and structure of the cross-section. If it is torn evenly from the middle of the heat-sealed part of the bag, it means that the heat-sealing of the bag is poor and the bag is easy to break during the production process;
If it is torn from the sealing edge, it means that the heat sealing quality is better; it also depends on the composite firmness of the bag. The method is to first check how many layers of structure are at the crack, and then see if it can be separated by hand. If it is not easy Separate, it means that the composite firmness is good, and vice versa. In addition, the firm level of the bag should be checked at the same time whether there are bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the bag.

4. Check the appearance of the aluminum foil bag

We must first observe the stiffness of the aluminum foil bag. The higher the flatness, the better, but due to the different needs of the material. For example, a bag made of nylon and high pressure film, there will be wavy in the hot sector of the bag; It also needs to be observed whether the cutting part of the bag is neat. The higher the neatness, the better the quality of the aluminum foil bag.

Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum foil bags. We can customize different kinds of aluminum foil bag by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!



Stand Up Pouch leak, bag type is not flat, undermation is asymmetrical, how to solve?

    Stand up Pouch often meet three quality problems in the production process. First, the phenomenon of bag leakage during use, second, the shape of the bag is not flat during the bag making process, and finally the bottom sealing is asymmetric.

1, stand up pouch leakage

    The reason for the leakage of Stand Up Pouch is mainly in the problem of composite selection and the problem of heat sealing strength.

STAND UP POUCH Material Selection

    Stand Up Pouch’s material selection is important for preventing leakage, the purpose is to improve the heat sealing strength of the outer layer and the intermediate barrier layer, the barrier layer and the heat sealing layer material, and the heat sealing strength of the bag. Therefore, the surface tension of the composite surface of the film must be greater than 38 dyn / cm; the low temperature thermal sealing performance of the inner layer heat sealing film is good, the surface tension of the heat cover must be less than 34 Dyn / cm; in addition, the ink to connect performance, high Solid low viscosity adhesives, highly purity organic solvents.

STAND UP POUCH heat sealing strength

    The heat sealing strength is also one of the important factors affecting the leakage of stand up pouch bags. Adjust the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, and heat sealing time when heat seals. In particular, pay attention to the heat sealing temperature of different structural bags, which is different from the melting point of different types of plastic films. The heat sealing pressure should not be too large, and the heat sealing time should not be too long, so as to avoid macromolecule degradation, the heat sealing layer is cut by hot sealing the knife in a high temperature melting, so that the sealing strength is lowered. In addition, the four-layer seal at the bottom of the upright bag is the most critical part. After sufficient test, the heat seal temperature, heat sealing pressure, and heat sealing time can be determined.

    In the actual production process, we should make the stand up pouch leak test according to the different requirements of the content. The simplest and practical method is to charge a certain amount of air in the bag, seal the bag, put it in the basin of water. If the bag is extruded,and there is no gas to escape, the bag sealing is good;Otherwise, the heat seal temperature and pressure of knife should be adjusted in time.The stand up pouch bag of the internal liquid should be cautious, and it can be detected by the extrusion and falling method, such as the filled water, sealing the mouth, according to the GB / T1005-1998 withstand voltage test method. The drop test method can also refer to the above criteria.

2, stand up pouch  bag shape is not flat

    Flatness is one of the metrics that measure the quality of the packaging bag. In addition to the material factors, the flatness of the self-supporting bag is also related to factors such as heat seal temperature, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing time, and cooling effect. The heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing pressure is too large, and the heat sealing time is too long, which causes the composite membrane contraction deformation. Insufficient cooling causes insufficient type of heat seal, and cannot eliminate internal stress, so that the bag is wrinkled, so the process parameters should be adjusted, and ensure that the cooling water circulation system is working properly.

3, Stand Up Pouch’s symmetry difference

    Symmetry not only affects the appearance of Stand Up Pouch, but also affects its sealing performance.

The most common asymmetry in Stand Up Pouch is often reflected in the substrate portion. Since the material tension control is not properly controlled, the bottom circular hole deformation is caused, or the wrinkles are generated by mismatch with the material tension, and the heat sealing strength is lowered. When the bottom metal hole is deformed, the discharge tension should be appropriately reduced, and the waiting time is increased in the heat seal to make a correction, so that the four-layer intersection of the bag is fully hot. In addition, the bag asymmetry will also be related to the factors such as photoelectric tracking, discharge, cursor design, rubber roller balance, stepper motor or servo motor. This issue is based on different products, and different bags can be solved in specific operations.


    The development of the stand up pouch bags has brought new economic growth highlights for the soft packaging industry. Because they can bring endless business opportunities, many soft packaging companies have introduced corresponding equipment and production technologies to promote rapid development of enterprises.


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Inventory of nine major materials that can be made into retort pouches!

     The retort pouch is made of multiple layers of film materials, which are combined by dry method or co-extrusion to make a certain size pouch. Its constituent materials can be divided into 9 types. The retort pouch must be able to withstand high temperature and humid heat sterilization, and its structural design should also meet the requirements of good heat sealability, heat resistance, water resistance, high strength and high barrier properties.

Making retort bags with BOPET film

     BOPET film is made of PET resin extruded by T film and then biaxially stretched. It has excellent performance.

(1) Good mechanical properties. The tensile strength of BOPET film is the highest among all plastic films. Very thin products can meet the needs, wchich have strong rigidity and high hardness.

(2) Cold resistance and excellent heat resistance. The applicable temperature range of BOPET film is from 70 to 150°C. It maintains excellent physical properties in a wide temperature range and is suitable for most product packaging.

(3) Good barrier performance. It has excellent comprehensive water and gas barrier properties. Unlike nylon, which is more affected by humidity, its water blocking rate is similar to PE, and the air permeability coefficient is extremely small. It has extremely high barrier properties to air and odor, and is one of the fragrance-preserving materials.

(4) Chemical resistance, grease resistance and most solvents, dilute acids, dilute alkalis, etc.

Making retort pouch with BOPA film

    BOPA film is a biaxially stretched film, which can be made by simultaneous biaxial stretching by a blow molding method. The film can also be biaxially stretched step by step by T-die extrusion method, and can be made by simultaneous bidirectional stretching by blow molding method. The characteristics of BOPA film are as follows:

(1) Excellent strength and toughness. The tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and rupture strength of BOPA film are among the best plastic materials.

(2) Outstanding flexibility, resistance to pinholes, and not easy to pierce the contents, is a major feature of BOPA, good flexibility, and good packaging feel.

(3) Good barrier properties, good fragrance retention, and resistance to chemicals other than strong acids, especially oil resistance.

(4) The temperature range is wide, the melting point is 225℃, and it can be used for a long time between -60~130℃. The mechanical properties of BOPA remain stable at low and high temperatures.

(5) The performance of BOPA film is greatly affected by humidity, especially dimensional stability and barrier properties. When BOPA film is damp, except for wrinkles, it generally stretches laterally. Longitudinal shortening, the maximum elongation rate can reach 1%.

Making retort bags with CPP film

    CPP film is a kind of cast polypropylene film, which is a non-stretched, non-oriented polypropylene film. According to the raw materials, it is divided into homopolymer CPP and copolymer CPP. The main raw material of cooking grade CPP film is block copolymer impact-resistant polypropylene. The performance requirements are: the Vicat softening point temperature should be greater than the cooking temperature, the impact resistance should be good, the medium resistance should be good, and the fish eyes and crystal points should be as few as possible.

Use aluminum foil to make retort pouches

    Aluminum foil is the only metal foil in flexible packaging materials, used for packaging items that have a long application time. Aluminum foil is a metal material, and its water-blocking, gas-blocking, light-shielding, and taste-preserving properties are incomparable to any other packaging material. It is a packaging material that cannot be completely replaced so far.

Making retort bags with ceramic evaporation film

    Ceramic evaporation film is a new type of packaging film. It is a film obtained by using plastic film or paper as the substrate and vaporizing metal oxides on the surface of the substrate in a high vacuum equipment. The characteristics of the ceramic evaporation film are mainly:

(1) Excellent barrier properties, almost comparable to aluminum foil composite materials.
(2) Good transparency, microwave permeability, high temperature resistance, suitable for microwave food.
(3) Good fragrance retention. The effect is the same as glass packaging, and it will not produce peculiar smell after long-term storage or high temperature treatment.
(4) Good environmental protection. Low combustion heat, less residue after incineration.

Making retort pouch with PEN film

     The structure of PEN is similar to PET. PEN has various properties of PET, and almost all properties are higher than PET. Excellent overall performance, high strength, good heat resistance, good barrier properties, transparency, excellent UV resistance is the biggest highlight of PEN, PEN’s barrier to water vapor is 3.5 times that of PET, barrier to various gases Sex is four times that of PET.

Making retort bags with BOPI film

     The operating temperature range of BOPI is extremely wide, reaching -269~400℃, the film that has been reacted has no melting point, and the glass transition temperature is between 360~410℃. It can be used continuously for more than 15 years at 250℃ in the air, and there is little change in performance. . BOPI has excellent comprehensive properties, high physical and mechanical properties, radiation resistance, chemical solvent resistance, dimensional stability, softness and folding resistance.

Making retort bags with PBT film

    PBT film is one of thermoplastic polyester films, namely, butylene terephthalate film. The density is 1.31~1.34g/cm³, the melting point is 225~228℃, and the glass transition temperature is 22~25℃. PBT film has better properties than PET film. PBT has excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, aroma retention and heat sealability, and is suitable for the production of microwave food packaging bags. PBT film has good barrier properties and can be used to package flavored food. PBT film has excellent chemical resistance.

Making retort pouch with TPX film

    TPX film is copolymerized with 4-methylpentene-1 and a small amount of 2-olefin (3%~5%). It is the lightest specific gravity among all plastics, only 0.83g/cm³, and other properties are also very good. In addition, TPX has good heat resistance and is the material with the best heat resistance among polyolefins. It has a crystalline melting point of 235°C, good weak mechanical properties, high tensile modulus and low elongation, strong chemical resistance, oil resistance, and high acid resistance. , Alkali, water, resistance to most hydrocarbons, solvent resistance temperature up to 60℃, surpassing all other transparent plastics, high transparency, light transmittance up to 98%, crystal clear appearance, strong decoration, and microwave penetration Strong.


    Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of retort pouch/retort bags. We can customize  different kinds of retort pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!