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Coffee packaging bag customization process

    How to light up the product is actually to make the outer packaging eye-catching. Whether you are a roaster, a coffee shop manager or a coffee bean trader, when your sales reach a certain amount, you will want to abandon the universal packaging bag. To customize the outer packaging of products that meet the brand positioning, the editor of Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will now come to the custom process of popular science coffee packaging bags.


Coffee packaging bag minimum order quantity (MOQ)

     Generally, 30000 MOQs are required. The MOQ is calculated based on the length of a roll of printed film. The specifications of printed films on the market are usually 8000m/r-12000m/r, which is about 30,000 by the size of a 1-pound bean bag. about. The smaller the customized quantity, the greater the loss rate, which means that the order quantity determines the increase or decrease of the unit price. Of course, it can also be ordered at a minimum of 10,000, but the price will be slightly higher.
If you know the MOQ, you have to choose the bag type. There are thousands of bag types, some of which are not suitable for packing beans. Here are 3 more common bag types.


Coffee packaging bag type

1. Stand-up pouch (doypack) for packaging coffee beans
    This kind of bag is composed of front, back and bottom. It is three-dimensional and can stand up. It can be equipped with a self-sealing zipper for repeated opening and a one-way exhaust valve. It has a wide opening and is convenient for loading and taking beans, and the price is relatively affordable.














2. Flat bottom bag(eight side sealing bag) for packaging coffee
    In recent years, a popular type of packaging bag has a generous appearance, consisting of a front, a back, two sides, and a square bottom. Because the sides can be expanded, this package has the advantages of small volume and large capacity, and the efficiency of transportation and storage is greatly improved. It can also be equipped with a self-sealing zipper and a one-way exhaust valve. Because the production process of this bag type is relatively complicated and cumbersome, the price is relatively high. If the brand has a high market positioning and contains high-quality beans, this bag type is the best choice.

3. A gusset bag for packaging coffee beans
    Very traditional packaging, many old European and American brands still use this packaging. The advantage is that it is suitable for packing a large amount of coffee beans. Generally, this kind of bag type is chosen for packaging of more than 1kg, which will be more reliable and firm. Folding the bottom after packing is also capable of standing, but don’t expect to stand firm. A one-way exhaust valve can be installed, and the price is relatively affordable compared to the eight-side seal. but! There is a disadvantage that there is no way to install a self-closing zipper. If you purchase a sealing rod separately, it will increase the cost and the cost of manual installation. Summary: It is more suitable for packaging Italian commercial beans.














Coffee bag size

     Many customers do not have experience in custom packaging bags, we need to confirm the following points.

1. The size of the bag is composed of bag width, bag height, and bottom width (bottom width = side width).
2. The variety of beans and the depth of roasting. Under normal circumstances, deep roasted beans will be larger in volume than light roasted ones, so they are also one pound and require different sizes.
3. In terms of design considerations or personal preference, do you like to leave a lot of space after the beans are loaded, or it is just right to say that you like not more and less.

    After the bag type and size are determined, there are several important items to be determined

     One-way exhaust valve for coffee bag : At present, two kinds of air valves are provided for customers to choose, one is with a filter, the other is a normal one-way exhaust valve without a filter, the former is more expensive than the latter, and customers need Just choose.

Easy to tear for packaging bag : one side or both sides













Zipper: Ordinary self-sealing zipper and one-sided easy-to-tear zipper:

    For eight-side sealing bags with small pockets, ordinary self-sealing zippers are more inconvenient to install and take, but the cost is low; one-sided easy-to-tear zipper is convenient for loading beans, and it is easier to take beans than ordinary self-sealing. The zipper is not much different, and the cost is higher.

Material and thickness for coffee bean packaging bag:

    The material of the packaging bag is determined according to the specific product. Coffee beans are sensitive to internal and external factors such as oxygen, moisture, ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide after roasting. Therefore, the packaging bag must have a high-performance isolation layer, usually 3 Laminating above the layer is completed by the surface film + pure aluminum foil/aluminized film + base film. At the same time, with the increasing popularity of environmental protection, the world advocates recyclable and lightweight packaging, and all respond to the call and strive to design reasonable packaging solutions for customers.

     If all the above elements are determined, please tell the designer your idea. After calculating the plate-making fee required for printing according to the design draft, we can provide you with an accurate quotation for the packaging bag. If you have not prepared a customized packaging bag, our company has generous and handsome universal coffee packaging bags for you to choose from.



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