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Food packaging bag inspection standard


    The quality of food packaging bags in the flexible packaging industry, especially the hygienic quality, is directly related to the safety of the packaged food. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials and additives used meet the quality requirements of the management system.

    It is necessary to improve the industry and national standards of packaging film bags and strictly implement them, strengthen inspection and supervision of food packaging, prevent unqualified food packaging from entering the market, and strengthen management to ensure the healthy development of the flexible packaging industry.

    The inspection items of food packaging single film bags are mainly divided into the following categories:

    The appearance should not have any defects such as bubbles, perforations, water lines, violent tendons, poor plasticization, and fish-eye stiff blocks that are obstructive to use.

The specification, width, length, and thickness deviation should be within the specified range.

     The physical and mechanical properties include tensile strength and elongation at break, which reflect the ability of the product to be stretched during use. If this item is unqualified, the food packaging bag is prone to rupture and damage during use.

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