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How much do you know about “film”

    In today’s fiercely competitive market environment, it is very important to create a memorable brand packaging image, which also puts forward higher professional requirements for each packaging person in material understanding and process application

    Laminating is a surface processing technology after printing,
    Next, we will explain one by one from the material properties and process selection classification.


Sort the film according to the glue method

Instant film:
The film itself does not have glue. It needs to be coated with glue during production. The operation is relatively difficult. Workers need to grasp the thickness of the glue. It is suitable for the production of embossed products after film coating and silk screen pearlized film film products. The production cost is relatively Lower.

Pre-coated film:
    The film itself has glue, no glue is needed during production, and the operation is simple. It is suitable for the film of dark ink. It is less affected by the ambient temperature. Care must be taken when selecting products that require embossing and pearlescent. You can choose a thickening type Pre-coated film to solve.


    Compared with the instant film, the pre-coated film is relatively environmentally friendly, reduces pollution, and has no damage to the human body; it will not affect the quality of the film due to different paper properties or different ink colors; but the cost is higher because the pre-coated film Coating products are printing consumables, and the price cost of the printing factory when choosing consumables is a problem that cannot be ignored. In addition, due to the technical bottleneck of thin film separation, the promotion of pre-coated film in the current industry cannot be completely called an environmentally friendly process.


Classification of films according to surface effects

Ordinary light film:
Also called bright film, including BOPP light film and PET light film, low cost; surface gloss ≥ 100 degrees.
Scratch resistant film:
The surface is scratch resistant, and ordinary scratches can not leave marks on the surface, and the cost is high.
Ordinary dumb film:
Also called matting film, it is commonly used dumb film, only BOPP material, low cost, surface gloss ≤ 3 degrees.
Scratch-resistant semi-matte film:
Very used dumb film, with a certain metallic texture, general scratches can not leave traces on the surface, and the cost is high; 3 degrees ≤ surface gloss ≤ 6 degrees.
Scratch-resistant dumb film:
It is a very dumb film, the gloss is below 3 degrees, the general scratching can not leave marks on the surface, and the cost is high.
Touch film:
The surface has a strong sense of velvet, which can be silk-printed with UV varnish and bronzing, and the surface gloss is ≤3 degrees.
Laser film:
BOPP films with different laser effects are produced by molding, usually with plate seams on the surface.

Classification of films according to material properties

PET film:
Polar material, non-toxic and tasteless, can be directly used for food packaging, can be degraded in natural environment, surface dyne value is high (36~38 dyne), can be directly UV printed, has good chemical properties, and is resistant to folding Good performance, high temperature resistance (melting temperature is 225~275℃), good friction resistance, small deformation, good light transmission, high gloss (≥125 degrees), high specificity (1.30~1.38), and high cost.

BOPP film:
Non-polar material, non-toxic and odorless, difficult to degrade in the natural environment, the surface dyne value is low (28~30 dyne), the surface cannot be printed directly, low temperature resistance is good, but not high temperature resistance (melting temperature 100~ 110 ℃), easy to deform under high temperature, low specific gravity (0.91~0.95), low cost.


Classified by film thickness
1. BOPP light film: 15um
2. BOPP dumb film: 15um 18um
3. PET film: 12um
4. BOPP touch film: 16um
5. Pre-coated BOPP light film: 1508 1512
6. Pre-coated BOPP dumb film: 1206 1508
7. Pre-coated PET light film: 0808
8. Pre-coated BOPP touch film: 1609


Classification of films according to printing process

    In the printing process, there are full-page silk-printed pearlescent products, which can be used as coating film; for light film, 12um is used for PET film and 15um is used for light coating; for dumb film, 15um is used for coating dumb film, and 18um is used for coating dumb film.
The printing process requires back-coated products, and some products that print large-area gold and silver inks use pre-coated tackifier films.


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