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How to choose a suitable facial mask packaging bag

Facial mask introduction

The facial mask is a category of skin care products, used for skin hydrating, also has a variety of functions such as moisturizing, moisturizing, nutrition, improving appearance, deep cleaning.

The facial mask can be classified into: Peel-off facial masks, water washing mask, and market mainstream patch type mask.Today we mainly introduce the packaging of patch-type facial  mask.

Patch type facial mask introduction 

There are two types of cloth masks. Including the gel-containing non-woven fabric, and the impregnated nonwoven fabric. The gel-containing nonwoven fabric sticker is to apply a layer of gel formulation on a nonwoven fabric, cut into a face shape, and then sealed in the package. The impregnated nonwoven mask is a more commonly used mask type, which is to impregnate the mask fluid in a nonwoven fabric and then cut into a face shape, and then seal in the package.

Facial mask packaging bag design requirements

First, the mask packaging bag needs to protrude the function of the mask

If you want a mask brand to sell more popular prospects, in addition to the quality of the mask itself and the value, the design of the packaging needs to spend a thought. In the process of designing the mask packaging bag, the information and functions of the entire product should be reflected through the outer bag. Therefore, in the process of design, the actual functionality to be highlighted is also an intuitive information expression. Such as highlighting whitening effects, Such as highlighting the sedation of the medical beauty facial mask.


Facial mask packaging bag material requirements

The mask product is in direct contact with the skin of the human body, and some masks have also had drug ingredients, so their packaging packaging requires good performance, high barrier resistance; Mask on the market are generally marked with a shelf life, generally 12 months, some even 36 months, according to the above requirements, mask bags are generally required with aluminum or aluminum material. Mask bags are mostly complicated with two or more layers of materials, common material structures are: PET / Al / PE, PET / AL / PET / PE, PET / VMIPET / PE, BOPP / VMPET / PE, BOPP / Al / PE, MAT-0PP / VIPET / PE, MAT-0PP / AL / PE, etc.

From the main material structure, the aluminized film and the pure aluminum film are basically used inside the packaging structure.Contrast aluminum plating materials, pure aluminum has good metal texture, silver white, with reflective properties; aluminum metal characteristics is soft, can be customized as required to customize different composite materials, in line with high-end mask products on thick quality,
Because of this, the mask packaging bag is required from the beginning of the basic function, to the high-end requirements rise , rise in performance and texture, which promotes the transition of the facial mask bag from the aluminized bag to the pure aluminum bag.

Production points of making facial mask bags

1, printing of mask packaging bag

From the current market requirements and consumer’s perspective, the mask is basically considered high-end products. The most basic decor request is not the same as ordinary food, and the annualization packaging requirements are more stringent. So, for printing, PET printing is used as an example, and the printing accuracy and color phase requirements of its printing are at least one level higher than other packaging requirements. For example, the national standard standard is 0.2mm, then the secondary position of mask pack printing is basically needed to achieve this printing standard, in order to better adapt to customer requirements and consumers’ needs. In terms of chromatic aberration, the mask packaging customers are also stricter than the general food companies, and more refiners. Therefore, in the printing link, for the layout, the company’s enterprises that produce mask packaging bags should pay attention to control. Of course, for the printed base material, there will be higher requirements to accommodate high requirements for printing.

2, composite requirements for mask packaging bags

The composite of the mask packaging bag is mainly controlled by three major aspects: composite wrinkles, composite solvent residues, composite sparrons and bubbles. In this step, these three major aspects are key factors affecting the yield of mask packaging bags.

3, the bag making requirements of the mask bag

At the finished process, the flatness of the mask packaging bag is mainly seen in the flatness of the mask packaging bag and the strength and appearance of the edge. In the finished product process, flatness and appearance are more difficult to grasp. Because of its final technical level, the bag is very easy to scratch in the finished process, and there is an abnormality such as a finished product. For strict mask bags, these are definitely not allowed, for this problem, we may wish to manage the machine from the most basic 5S to control the phenomenon of scratch. As the most basic workshop environment management, the machine is cleaned, is one of the guarantees of the machine, no east-like, ensuring normal, smooth work, this is a basic production guarantee. Of course, it is necessary to specifically to the most basic and most specific operation requirements of the machine, and change. In terms of appearance, for the requirements of the edge, it is generally required for the edge of the edge, and the application of the pattern is thinner, even the flat blocking. This is a relatively special requirement. For the operator of the machine, it is also a great test.

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