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How to choose beef jerky packaging bag

  Introduction of beef jerky  

Water content of beef jerky is very low, beef is a food containing high protein and fat. It is easy to suffer mildew in the inactivation of microorganisms, or deteriorate the fat oxidation of beef dry because there is an oxygen in the packaging bag. Therefore, The storage and transportation packaging of beef jerky has better oleidity in addition to a certain sealing property. A material having a good sealing barrier is required on the selection of the packaging material. For the custom beef jerky bag, Duxia package, as an expert in custom beef jerky bag. We generally need to consider the following questions.

1, beef jerky packaging bag design suggestions

2, beef jerky bag material

3, beef jerky packaging bag type

4. What packaging machine is suitable for packaging beef? 

Below we will answer all the above questions one by one.

1.beef jerky packaging bag design suggestions

a. Overall protrusion, achieve better display effect

Beef jerky brands are relatively large in the case of the number of products, color, size, form, image, composition and other elements, show uniform and overall appearance, and will be in product arrangements in sales venues such as commerce, supermarkets. At the time, it seems integrity and prominent, thereby forms a distinctive feature. Each of the beef jerky packaging bag must be coordinated, comprehensive processing, but also to form a unified aesthetic effect, but also to form a reference for other individuals.

b. in line with aesthetic requirements

Beef jerky bag design In addition to attracting consumers, you need to meet the psychological needs of people’s aesthetic taste. The series of packaging designs is reasonable in conforming to the principles of formation of forms, adapting to the aesthetic and psychological needs of consumers. This is an era that advocates personality. For those sold, it is necessary to win the big market. The key to the success or failure of beef jerky products is to make customers have aesthetic and trust in the products purchased.

c. Consisten to the style

    There are a lot of packaginonsisten to the styleg design, whether you like or hate it, you can resonate with our rich emotions. Different packaging design together constitute an indispensable member in the packaging design. Due to the different economic and cultural backgrounds, each country also features a characteristic in the form of beef dry goods packaging.

2. beef jerky bag material

    Beef jerky is used as well as a series of processes such as dry, fried or baking, retains beef hyperbumin, low fat, multiple amino acids, etc. rich nutrients and chew resistant flavors. At the same time by processing the above process, extend the beef jerky save time and easy to carry, so in recent years, has been quietly popular beef jerky snack food sales market, becoming one of the essential snack for leisure travel. However, under a good situation in the beef-dry consumption market, consumers have an incident of odor, and swollen bags, and seriously affect the company’s image.
These problems that appear in beef reflect the nutrients of beef drying have been oxidized, and the number of microbes has increased significantly, and these changes that have occurred are likely to be greatly caused by the amount of oxygen transmitted by their packaging materials. The oxygen permeability of the packaging material is large, and the amount of oxygen in the package is large, which is oxidized by oxidation, and has a microorganism due to long-term exposure to oxygen. Therefore, the oxygency is a very critical indicator for examining the quality of beef jerky packaging materials

    Beef jerky packaging materials need to consider moisture-proof performance, water-repellent performance, oil immersion performance, low temperature resistance, cold resistance, etc., need to use a packaging material of good barrier effect. In the market we generally use the following three packaging methods.

Composite packaging: kraft paper / matter film / CPP material

Kraft paper self-sealing bag, also known as the kraft paper zipper, kraft paper self-tip bag, in line with national environmental standards, high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the current popular environmentally friendly packaging materials

Composite package PET + OPP


Vacuum packaging PA + PE, PET + PE, or multi-layer co-extrusion PE, aluminum-plated vacuum bag,  pure aluminum vacuum bag 

    Vacuum packaging is a kind of gas adjustment packaging, that is, after the beef is dry into the airtight packaging container, Return the air inside the container to make the container to replace a predetermined vacuum and sealed one pack. method. Such packaging can effectively prevent jections from dry corruption and prevent packaging content substances. Exchange, both to avoid food weight loss, loss, and prevent secondary pollution. Since beef is dry, this effect is not particularly high for vacuum packaging, and the requirements for saving food is not particularly high, especially suitable for small packaging.

3.beef jerky packaging bag type

Beef jerky is a common everyday snacks, in general we are on supermarket shelves could see him, either in bulk snack area able to see him. In general, beef dry bags generally use two bags. They are stand up pouch bags and three-sided bags.

a. beef jerky stand up pouch bag 

stand up pouch bags have excellent sealing properties and composites, which are not easy to rupture and leak. At the same time, the packaging material has high performance of anti-static, anti-UV, blocking oxygen and moisture, easy to seal. Self-reliance refers to a vertical soft bag with a horizontally supported structure. It does not rely on any support that can stand itself. It can stand itself on the shelf, beautiful and generous, convenient for customers. Ideal for use in beef pouch bag.

beef jerky bag type- three side sealing vaccum bag 

As a packaging bag, the three-sided vacuum bag can more effectively maintain the original color, fragrance, flavor, and nutritional value for a long time. Easy to use, convenient storage, long storage, but the vacuum packaging bag also has its lack of high-speed loading equipment, which gives a certain effect on mass production.

Beef jerky bag type- eight side sealing bag

    There is a total of eight print layers in the eight-side seal station. It has sufficient places to describe the product, product information display is more complete, standing stable, conducive to the shelf display, deeply attracting consumers; the exterior is unique, beware of counterfeiting, consumers easy Identification, it is conducive to brand establishment, exquisite product appearance, strong promotional role.

4. What packaging machine is suitable for packaging beef? 

Beef jerky is one of the snacks we eat on weekdays. Now in the beef jerky packaging, the following two packaging machines are generally used in our industry.

a. Pack the beef with vacuum packaging machine

Beef jerky  vacuum packaging machine is a basic type of vacuum packaging machine in the food industry, this  vacuum packaging machine requires a prefabricated bag of finished products when packaging, first processed beef dried into the bag In the middle, then place it into the vacuum chamber, press the device cap, the device will automatically complete the sealing work.

b. Pack the beef with given bag packaging machine

Beef jerky bag  packaging machine is also a representative of a fully automatic packaging machine. It is the prefabricated bag of the finished product, and the bag is automatically picked up. Automatic sealing, auto output to complete the entire packaging process, through this packaged effect and double room vacuum packaging machine is basically similar, but the capacity of this beef to the bag vacuum packaging machine is 7-8 times the  vacuum packaging machine . It will be more expensive too .

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