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How to choose biscuits packaging solution

1. The background and significance of biscuit packaging

     Biscuits are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Biscuits are divided into many types, such as: crisp biscuits, tough biscuits, fermented biscuits, compressed biscuits, sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, cookie biscuits, etc., so now we design biscuit packaging At this time, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the packaging materials of the biscuits, but also to design different packaging according to different types of biscuits.

      Biscuit packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics, and consumer psychology, and it directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. We are convinced that packaging is a powerful means to establish the harmony between products and consumers. In today’s economic globalization, packaging and commodities have been integrated. As a means of realizing commodity value and use value, packaging plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption.

     The function of packaging is to protect goods, facilitate transportation and storage, and promote sales. As a comprehensive subject, packaging has the dual nature of combining commodities and art. Today, as a professional manufacturer of biscuit packaging materials, Duxia Package will introduce how to choose a suitable packaging method for you in terms of biscuit packaging design, biscuit packaging materials, biscuit packaging methods, etc.

2. Biscuit packaging design requirements

    When designing packaging for a specific product, we first need to understand the current market situation, understand our market positioning, and then carry out the corresponding packaging design according to our positioning, and biscuit packaging design is no exception. We will explain the packaging design of biscuits on these points.

2.1Analysis of Biscuit Packaging Market

2.1.1. Low-fat healthy biscuit products become mainstream in the market

    Nowadays, while people are increasingly pursuing convenient and fast lifestyles, the healthy and nutritional value of snack foods is also getting more and more attention. Nutritional and health-care biscuits, such as various vegetable biscuits, whole grain biscuits, and vitamin biscuits, have been launched one after another. This product is strictly prohibited from using sodium metabisulfite as an improver, and replaced with papain or neutral protease. Children’s nutritional biscuits should use fats with higher unsaturated fatty acids, add high-quality protein, calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of modern people.

2.1.2. Female biscuit consumption becomes fashionable

    Biscuits originally seemed to be just a kind of children’s food, but now this situation is changing. The survey results show that about 70% of current biscuit consumption are women, and this proportion is even higher in soda crackers. Female consumption is mostly young women. These women often put one or two packs of biscuits in the office or at home, which can be used as a snack for breakfast or as a snack between meals. Some manufacturers have seen this market change and launched new products specifically for women, such as high-calcium soda biscuits. The target of their calcium supplements is not children, but clearly their target customers are “health-conscious wowen over 25 years old”.

2.1.3. The packaging form shows a two-level differentiation trend.

    In recent years, with the increasing competition in the market, biscuit companies have continuously pursued unconventional product packaging. The packaging of high-end biscuit is becoming smaller and smaller, appealing for individuality and fashion; low-end biscuit favors large and affordable packaging in order to make consumers feel intuitive Good quality and low price.
    The market structure has also undergone major changes recently. High-, medium-, and low-end product manufacturers have had an impact on each other. Many large manufacturers have begun to enter the low-end market, hoping to reshuffle the low-end market and block weaker opponents.
And some up-and-coming stars have also begun to enter some high-end markets by adjusting their product structure, increasing market competition has promoted the continuous development of new products one after another.

3.Biscuit Packaging Market Positioning and Corresponding Design


    According to the above market analysis, the consumer market for biscuits has three main segments: child consumers, student consumers, and female office workers. For the above three consumer markets, we need to pay attention to the following points when designing.

3.1. Children’s biscuit packaging design

    Children prefer cartoon, cute, and attractive design packaging. This is the key to the design of children’s biscuit packaging. Therefore, familiarity, intimacy, and fun are an important design element for children’s biscuit packaging.

3.2. Biscuit packaging design for female consumer groups

   Female consumer groups pay great attention to the nutritional properties of biscuits and need not to make people fat. Coarse grain biscuits, high-fiber biscuits, and low-fat biscuits are the biscuit products that women particularly love. Therefore, if these elements are included in the design, they need to be simply and straightforwardly added to the design pattern and text. And it is not advisable to use too bright colors and too complicated patterns in packaging design. Need simple and refreshing patterns and concise text descriptions for women biscuits.

4.Biscuit packaging material requirements

    Biscuits are made from wheat flour (glutinous rice flour, starch, etc.) as the main raw material, sugar, oil and other raw materials are added (or not added), and the food is made into a crispy or crunchy food after flour adjustment, forming, and baking. .In addition to satisfying hunger, biscuits can also be used as snacks. Compared with snacks such as bread and pastries,Biscuits have their own unique advantages, such as good taste, storage resistance, easy to carry, and can be used as tourist food taste. But biscuits also have shortcomings. First, once the biscuits get damp, the biscuits will soften and the quality will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the most important thing in the packaging of biscuits is moisture-proof and mildew-proof packaging. Secondly, some biscuits contain a lot of oil, which is easy to oxidize. This is also the key consideration in packaging. Third, the biscuits are fragile, and the anti-fragmentation elements should also be considered when packaging.

    The common types of biscuit packaging mainly include plastic film sealed packaging, carton packaging and iron tin packaging, but these three types of packaging are outer packaging, and the inner material directly in contact with the biscuit is mainly composite plastic film.
    So what kind of plastic materials can meet the needs of the inner packaging of biscuits?

If it is aimed at high-end consumer customers, then its packaging materials must be of high quality and high value. It is recommended to use CPP film printing + pure aluminum foil + food grade PE material composite material to make packaging film, which not only prints high-end, but also has good quality.

Ordinary biscuits can be made with some ordinary materials. Considering the cost, it is recommended to use: CPP film printing + food grade PE film composite packaging film, no need to add aluminum foil.

5.Biscuit Packaging Solution 

    Nowadays, the biscuit industry has undergone continuous development and its market competitiveness has become stronger and stronger. There are a variety of biscuit packaging types on the market, these types are mainly reflected in biscuit packaging materials, and they are determined by biscuit packaging materials. There are four common types of biscuit packaging: plastic film sealed packaging, carton packaging and iron tin packaging.

5.1.Plastic film sealed packaging for biscuits

    The plastic composite film sealing packaging of biscuits is mainly embodied by the use of plastic film. Due to the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials themselves in terms of performance, price and freight, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging.

    Plastic composite film is a very good moisture-proof packaging material. It is most used in biscuit packaging. There are two main forms: one is in bulk, which means that the measured biscuits are poured into the bag together, and then sealed with heat; The other is to wrap a certain amount of biscuits, generally about 50-100g, arrange them neatly, and then wrap them and seal them with a film.Biscuit plastic packaging is characterized by plastic sealing, good barrier properties, light weight, easy molding, simple packaging, and convenient sales. This is the advantage of the biscuit plastic packaging design.

5.2.Carton packaging of biscuits

    Carton packaging is one of the main forms of biscuit packaging, with square, rectangular, round, irregular and other forms. Whiteboard paper, offset paper, etc. are mostly used as packaging materials. When packing in a carton, first use a plastic composite film (plastic composite bag) as the inner package for the biscuits, and wrap the outside of the box with a film.

     The price of paper is the cheapest, and it is not as easy to dissolve and print as plastic, not as fragile as glass, and not as heavy as metal, so it is easy to carry. The biscuits are packaged with paper materials, which have good packaging strength, a certain degree of pressure resistance, beautiful appearance, strong commercial properties, good moisture resistance and shading properties, and good printing adaptability and adhesion properties.

5.3. Tinplate packaging of biscuits

    Tietin packaging is a biscuit tin packaging made of color-printed tinplate. There are many kinds of iron cans, such as square, rectangle, cylinder, ellipse and special shape.

    The packaging is beautiful, the biscuits are neatly arranged and not easily broken. This kind of packaging has the best airtightness, high packaging strength, bright and generous appearance, excellent shading, and durability, but it requires a lot of space to store empty cans.Therefore, tinplate cans and carton packaging are now only used for large packaging or expensive varieties and various gift packaging.


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