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How to choose dried fruit packaging bag

    Dried fruit now more and more loved by the people, is also divided into a good variety of types, raisins, dried apricots, dried peaches, dried mango, dried banana and so on, so in the process of making dried fruit , we need not only to pay attention to the taste of dried fruit, It is also necessary to design different packages according to different kinds of fruit.

    Food packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand philosophy, product characteristics, consumer psychology, It directly affects the consumer’s purchase desire. As a means of realizing commodity value and value, it is an important role in the production, circulation, sales and consumption, and is an important issue that has to be concerned with the business community. The function of the fruit dry packaging is to protect goods, facilitate transportation and storage, and promote sales. As a comprehensive discipline, packaging is a blend of goods and art.

Shanghai Duxia Package is a professional fruit dry packaging bag manufacturer. Today, we will introduce how to choose the right fruit dry bag.

1, dried fruit market.

2, dried fruit bag design.

3. Select the material dried fruit bags.

4. Dried fruit packaging bag type selection.

 1, dried fruit market 

First, based on medium and low-end  dried fruit products

    At present, in the domestic dried fruit market, most of the dried fruit is mainly based on medium and low-end products. The low-grade products in the Chinese dried fruit market are mainly dried fruits produced by small dried fruit enterprises, including bulk dried fruits. Its sales area is mainly domestic small and medium-sized towns and rural areas. Due to domestic large and medium-sized dried fruit companies in a disadvantage in the competition with foreign companies, in recent years, it has also begun to pay attention to this market, and began to carry out corresponding market development.

Second, low-fat health products become mainstream market mainstream.

    People are increasingly pursuing convenient and quick way to lifestyle, the healthy nutritional value of leisure food is increasingly attacked. Nutritional health-type dried fruit, such as walnuts, jujubes, raisins, which are strictly prohibited to use pocol protease or neutral protease.Children should join high-quality protein and calcium, iron and other minerals and vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of modern people.

Third, women become the main consumer group of dried fruit 

    Female consumption is fashionable, dried fruit seemed to be just a kind of child food, but this situation is changing. The survey results show that 70% of the current dried fruit consumption is women’s purchase, especially  young women. These women tend to put a two bags in the office or home. It can be simply a breakfast, and it can act as a casual small food between two meals.

Fourth, Dried fruit consumer market positioning

    The dried fruit consumers market mainly have 3 large numbers: child consumers, students consumers, women’s office workers.

A, children’s dried fruit

    Children prefer cartoon lovely, packaging such as seductive patterns. Therefore, familiarity, intimate, and fun are a feature of children’s dried fruit packaging.

B. Student consumption group

    Students are one of the main consumer groups of dried fruits. Compared to children, students pay attention to the taste of the fruit, the nutrition and price of dried fruit.

C, female consumer group

    The female consumer group mainly focuses on the taste of dried fruit and low fat, which is female preference.

2, dried fruit bag design.

A. The fruit dry bag needs to pay attention to the color of the package:

    More than 80% of the information is from the visual. If the designer’s grasp and use of the packaging color can directly reflect some of the items in the item, this item is likely to be the preferred item of the buyer. According to the properties of colors or commodities in the commodity, the use of visual colors is an important means of designing color. These reappearance of these colors that use the product itself in the packaging color is the most ideological idea that has a substantial concept of the inner items. Of course, there is also a phenomenon that is anti-road, some design masters are bold to use color contrast to achieve more and more and more effective, But if you don’t have a good level, it will be counterproductive.


B, the pattern of dried fruit packaging bag:

    The combination of dried fruit bags should be considered in two aspects: one is the way of organizational; the second is the subject of expression;In an organizational method, more geometric composition, abstract patterning, and icon status or physicalization patterns are used.
    Currently, most of the use of geometric or abstract composition is mostly cosmetics or daily necessities. And iconic or physical structures, the most popular in food packaging. Some simply open a window, or use a transparent plastic bag to see the inner items.
    On the topic of expression, although the manifestations are different, the purpose is very clear. In the form of combination, some are dominated by highlighting, and some have highlighted the actual object, and there are both of them. Regardless of which form is taken, you must contact the inner item to display the significant significance. In the topic expression, you should also pay attention to it. No matter whether it is text or a pattern, strive to make a single one, the theme is prominent, simple.

3. Select the material dried fruit bags.

The materials in the following table are commonly used for dried fruit packaging bag materials

Common  food packaging materialsMaterial characteristics
BOPPHigh tensile strength, but low tear strength, good chemical stability, good water resistance
CPPHigh transparency, good gloss, high stiffness, so the packaging shelf display effect is good, high temperature resistance
BOPETHigh tensile strength, good air and odor barrier, it is one of the fragrance preservation materials
BOPAOne of the materials with good tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and rupture strength
PEThe variety with a large amount of plastic film has good flexibility, high elongation and low hardness
VMPET/VMCPPHigh barrier performance film. Good fragrance retention and light shielding. Can prevent oxidative deterioration of food
EVOHIt has good gas barrier properties, aroma retention and chemical resistance, suitable for oily liquid products
ALAluminum foil has good barrier properties, no light, no moisture, no gas

    According to the above material characteristics, we summarize composite materials suitable for fruit dry packaging.

Outer material use: BOPP, matting BOPP, PET / PA

Medium material use: PET aluminum plating film, aluminum foil, kraft paper

Inner material use: PE, CPP film

4. Dried fruit packaging bag type selection.

A. Stand up pouch dried fruit packaging bag


Dried yellow peach bag                                   Dried cranberry bag

Dried rasin stand up pouch                           Dried prunue stand up pouch


    Stand Up Pouch, whether it is closed, whether there is content in the bag that is able to stand, this is its characteristic. Dried Fruit Stand up pouch packaging bags can facilitate the sales of terminals, and consumers are also very convenient to use. Stand up pouch bags can be coordinated with other processes, such as taking the zipper as an outsourcing bag, which is often used in nuts, fruit, fruit, coffee, tea, etc .; compared to the eight-sided sealing bag, the price is lower It can greatly reduce packaging costs.

B. Eight side sealing dried fruit bag

Dried raisin eight side sealing bag              Dried jackfruit eight side sealing bag


    The eight-side sealing bag is a kind of composite packaging bag. It is a kind of packaging bag named according to its shape. The eight-side sealing bag, as the name implies, has eight sealing edges, four sealing edges at the bottom, and two sides on each side. This type of bag is a new type of bag that has emerged in recent years, and can also be called “flat bottom bag, square bottom bag, organ zipper bag” and so on.

1. The eight-side sealed dried fruit bag has eight printing layouts, which can make the product information display more complete and full. Have more space to describe products, which is convenient for product promotion and sales.
2. Since the bottom of the bag is flat and open, lay the bag flat, and the bottom is an excellent display layout.
3. The eight-side sealing zipper bag is equipped with reusable zippers. Consumers can reopen and close the zippers. The box cannot compete.
4. Multi-color printing can be used, the products are exquisite, and it has a strong promotional effect.
5. Unique shape, easy for consumers to identify, prevent counterfeiting, and greatly promote brand establishment.
6. Stands steadily, which is good for shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention.
7. The price is more expensive than the three-side sealing bag and the self-supporting bag. Need higher costs.

     Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of dried fruit packaging bags. We can customize stand up pouch, eight side sealing bag by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry!




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