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How to choose the breast milk storage bags

    There are too many breast milk, the baby can not finish it; the baby mother is going out, she can’t give the baby breast milk; after breast milk is squeezed, it is easy to pollution. It is very difficult to get breastfeeding. In fact, for mothers, you can preparesome breast milk storage bags ~ After all, breast milk is precious, you don’t want to waste it!

Introduction of  the breast milk storage bag

    So, what is the breast milk storage bag?Breast  Milk sorage  bag, but also known breast milk bag. It is a plastic product for food packaging, mainly used to store breast milk. Mothers can squeeze milk out when they are full of breast milk. Put it in the milk storage bag. It is then refrigerated or frozen. When you can’t feed directly, we can use it for your child on time. 

The materials of breast milk storage bag

As the mother’s milk storage bag, the material safety of the milk bag is related to the baby’s health. At present, most of the milk storage bags on the market have the following

1, PE material

    The material of the milk storage bag is mainly polyethylene, which is usually what PE. It is a most widely used plastic. Some material LDPE (low density polyethylene) or LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) labeled, but the density and structure are different, but there is no difference in security.

2, PET + PE

    They are mainly raw materials with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) + PE (polyethylene). The chemical stability of these two materials is a very common food-grade plastic, which can be used in boldly.

3,     PET + saturated polyester resin + LLDPE

    Outer PET material is used to print capacity logo, milk storage date and other information .The middle color interlayer is a saturated polyester resin material, non-toxic and harmless .The inner layer is LLDPE material, good toughness, heat resistant, and cold-resistant.

Milk storage bags design requirements

A. Sealing strip design for breast milk storage bag

    For the sake of insurance, we usually choose a piggy bag with a double sealing strip, the sealing effect is good, and the milk is more assured.

B. Information logo area of the breast milk storage bag

There are special information identification regions on the milk bag bag, which can record name, time information, capacity, etc. It is recommended that everyone uses an oily marker, because the aqueous pen is removed from the hand or the paper towel.

C. The individual milk storage bag milk outlet

    The storage of breast milk needs to pay special attention, some of the import and export of some storage bags are the same. If the disinfection work is not in place, it is easy to cause bacterial pollution. Therefore, the sanitation of milk bags separated by the import and export is better.

D. Bag type of breast milk storage bag

The storage of milk bags is usually depends on the preferences of the treasures, lying, and vertical. Based on different requirements, we generally have the following bag types. customer can choose according to your preferences.

a. stand up pouch  

B. Shaped stand up pouch bag

C. Standing up pouch with cover


But we recommend choosing to stand the milk storage bag because standing storage can avoid squeezing, and more spaced space.

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