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How to choose the right candy packaging bag

Candy  Introduction 

     Candy refers to a snack with a sugar as a main component. If the fruit or nut food is wrapped in a sugar coating, it is called a sweet (such as a candied gourd). In terms of asian culture, chocolate and chewing gum will also be considered a kind of candy. In Europe and the United States, candies are only referring to products that use white sugar or maltose.

Candy classification

a. Cooking candy

     The cooking candy is cooked by high temperature, contains high dry solid and lower residual moisture, and the texture is brittle, so hard candy is also known.

b.Coke candy

    It is cooked by a plurality of sugar compounds, fat, and milk proteins, and chemically reacts under high temperature conditions makes the product with special focal flavor.

c. Inflatable candy

    Mechanical staining effect, filled with countless bubbles in the sugar, Or oriented mechanically stretched to form a pores and become an inflatable sweetness.

d. Gel candy

    Also known as soft sugar. It is a class of candies that have a basic composition of different gels, which are a soft and sturdy sweet body.

e. Chocolate Products

     It is a special sugar-containing food that is based on cocoa  as a basic composition.

2. Candy packaging design

2.1 Candy packaging color selection

    There are many kinds of candies, they have their own taste, at which point designers can show them through the packaging design, one of the very good ways is to handle the color of the packaging color. Each color can bring people a different kind of psychological feeling, but also make people distribute a variety of different smells, that is, “candy packaging can reflect the taste”.

    For example, when people encounter yellow or green, it is natural to think of sour lemon; You encounter green, you will think about cucumber, vegetables, etc. Yellow, white makes people think of sweetness, When you encounter black, it is easy to make people think of bitter taste.

     Different candies are needed to select the packages combined with different colors, so that consumers can easily understand the taste of candy. Like chocolate sweet and silky taste to show brown, golden color, etc. The fragrant taste of milk is used in white performance; Therefore, the color in the confectionery design is the first point, Such as lemon sugar does not use black as a packaging paper; Chocolate candies can’t use red as a wrapping paper.

2.2 Graphical expression in candy packaging design

    Graphics have obvious advantages in visual communication, such as intuitive and easy to understand, rich in expressiveness, and strong in appeal, so they are widely used in candy packaging design. The main function of graphics in packaging is to highlight the characteristics of products, arouse consumers’ interest, and allow product information to penetrate into consumers’ minds more quickly, and to encourage consumers to purchase their products. The graphics used in the packaging must conform to the shape and function of the product to enhance the image of the candy product. Make full use of the symbolic function of the graphic itself to accurately convey product information.


2.3 The textual expression of candy packaging

    The text in the candy packaging design plays a vital role. As a food, safety is the first priority. For diabetics, the intake of candy can be life-threatening. Therefore, the text implantation of xylitol is very important for packaging. The product packaging can be without graphics, but not without text. As a visual element, text plays an important and irreplaceable role in packaging design. Some important matters still need to be clearly explained in text, rather than ambiguous graphics. For some special consumers, text may be more helpful to them. It serves as an explanation and can also prevent patients from eating by mistake.

3.Choice of candy packaging materials 

3.1. Selection of internal packaging materials for candies

    The choice of confectionery packaging materials is mainly based on the requirements of the product to gas permeability, oxygency, shelf life and cost. The internal packaging is generally small packaging, which is high for security requirements. Candy is generally packaged in paper or wax paper. For granulated sugar packages sold in confectionery, it is required to have high moisture-proof sex and olemeability, and have good printing and admissibility, preventing light and has rapid low temperature hot sealing to prevent hot melt. The shelf life can be extended if the glass paper or PVDC is applied with nitrocellulose.

3.2 The choice of candy external packaging materials

    The candy external packaging materials,  according to different requirements for product packaging,  should have certain blocking effects on moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic, odor, heat, etc. Its packaging materials are small toxic, so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; packaging materials should have no corrosive, and have anti-insects, anti-mite, anti-mouse, inhibit microorganisms, to protect product safety. Candy production of Chinese and foreign packaging generally use tray or composite plastic (BOPP / PVDC, 0PP / PVDC, 0PP / LDPP), paper-plastic composite, etc., it can protect candy products Quality, there is a certain value of viewing, facilitating publicity, showing, facilitating secondary use and carrying.

4.Candy packaging method

4.1 Inner bag packaging method of candy

    At present, there are three main types of domestic candy packaging, namely twisted packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging.

a. Twisted packaging

    Twisted packaging is the oldest packaging form. This packaging form is mostly used for candy. It can be completed not only by a high-speed, automated vertical packaging machine, but also by manual operation;

The twist packaging machine is mainly suitable for double-twisted packaging of single solid objects with regular shapes, such as oval, waist round, cylindrical, spherical, square candy, chocolate, etc.

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine automatically cuts off the roll film and twists it after packaging.

b. Pillow packaging

    Pillow packaging was popular internationally in the 1970s, and it has been popular in China since the 1980s. Due to the popularity of pillow packaging machines, most candy and chocolate manufacturers currently use pillow packaging.

    This model is mainly suitable for solid objects with regular shapes, such as wafers, spheres, ellipses, waist rounds, cylinders, squares, etc. The machine can be used for pillow-type particle packaging. Such as candy, chocolate, etc.

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine will automatically cut it after packaging.

c. Candy folding packaging

    Folding packaging is mostly used for chocolate products. Candies are suitable for rolls, strips, and boxes. This type of packaging has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials.

    The high-speed folding and packaging machine can be used for products of special size and shape, using envelopes for folding and packaging. Available in single-layer or double-layer aluminum film packaging. Suitable for packaging such as chocolate

    Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. can provide candy production companies with roll film for candy packaging. You only need to place the roll film on the packaging machine, and the packaging machine will automatically fold the candy then pack it .

4.2 outer bag for candy packaging 

    Candy outer packaging bags are mainly packaged with three-side sealing candy bags, candy stand up pouch bags, candy pillow bags. These bags have high barrier properties and are made of composite materials. The bag is beautiful and easy to carry.

a. Three side sealing  bag for packaging candy


     The three-sided bag, that is, the three-side seal, leaving only one opening to the user. The three-sided bag is the most common bag. The airtightness of the three-sided bag is the best, and the three-side sealing bag has good barrier, moisture-proof, low heat sealing, high transparent, or color printing (1 to 9 colors). Commonly used in candy outer packaging. A zipper can be added above the bag. The bag can be turned off repeatedly and is very convenient to use. The three-sided bag is a bag made of a bag, After manual filling candies, sealing with a simple sealing machine, Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine.

b. Stand up pouch bag for packaing candy

     Stand up pouch bag refers to a soft bag with a horizontal support structure, which can stand it on its own. Stand up pouch bag is a relatively novel packaging form, which has a strong effect in improving product grade and strengthening the shelf visual. It is very convenient to use the bag. The preservation and sealing performance of the bag is very good.

    Stand up pouch bag is made from the bag making machine, and then you can manually fill the candy, and finally seal the bag by the simple sealing machine. Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine.

c. Pillow bags for packaging candy

    The pillow bag is a special vocabulary in the packaging industry. Simple talk is to seal the bag on the back of the bag, The application of the back sealing bag is very wide, generally candy,  instant noodles, etc., using such packaging forms.

    The plastic packaging film  is made into a pillow bag  by bag making machine, and then manually fills the candy, and finally seals a simple sealing machine. Or you can automate the opening, filling, and sealing processes using the packaging machine. Or placed on the vertical packaging machine with a roll film, the packaging machine automatically cut the film after filling.



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