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How to choose the right coffee packaging

     Baking coffee beans (powder) packaging is the most variety of coffee packages. Because coffee beans are baked, naturally produce carbon dioxide, direct packaging is easy to cause packaging and long-term contact air, which will cause aroma and cause oil and aroma in coffee. Ingredient oxidation causes a decrease in quality. Therefore, the packaging of coffee beans (powder) is especially important.


Coffee packaging classification

    There are many kinds of coffee packages and a variety of materials. Don’t think coffee packaging is what kind of flower-green small bags you have seen, and it is very exciting in facts in the world. The following is a brief introduction to the knowledge of coffee packaging. According to the coffee supply, coffee packages can be divided into three major categories, soybean exit packaging, baking coffee beans (powder) packaging, instant coffee packaging.


  1. Coffee bean export packaging

    Coffee beans are generally used in sacks. Different coffee producing countries in the world are exporting coffee beans, usually 70 kg or 69 kg (only Hawaiian coffee is 100 pounds of packaging unit). In addition to the name and its coffee tissue, coffee production unit, coffee sack, the name of the country, will also print the most typical pattern of their country on sacks, which seems to be very ordinary commodity sacks, in the eyes of coffee fans It became a foot in an interpretation of the coffee culture background. Even a lot of coffee fans, such packaging is the initial packaging of coffee.

2. Baking coffee beans (powder) packaging

     Generally divided into bags and canned.

A. Coffee bag: The bag is generally divided into: Non-vacuum coffee packaging, vacuum coffee packaging,  one-way valve coffee package, pressurized packaging.

a.Non-vacuum package:

     In fact, a temporary package is only used for a short time storage.

b. Vacuum coffee packaging:

    The baking coffee beans are required to be packaged for a period of time to prevent the damage of carbon dioxide to packaging, and such packaging can generally store for about 10 weeks.

c. One-way valve coffee packaging: 

    Add a one-way valve to the packaging bag to allow the carbon dioxide to exclude but block the external gas to enter, ensuring that the coffee beans are not oxidized but can not prevent aroma. Such packaging can be stored for 6 months. There are also some coffee using exhaust hole packaging, which is only tapping the vent hole on the package, so that once the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans, the outside air will enter the bag, resulting in oxidation, so its storage Time is a big discount.

d.Pressurical packaging:

    After the coffee beans are baked, they quickly pack themselves and then charge the inert gas seal. Such packaging ensures that the coffee beans do not be oxidized and guaranteed that the aroma will not lose and have enough strength to ensure that the packaging will not be damaged by pressure, can store long up to Two years.


B. Canned coffee beans:

Canned canned metal cans, glass cans, all of which are equipped with plastic materials.


C. Instant coffee packaging
The quick-soluble coffee packaging is relatively simple. Generally, the seal small pack bag is generally used, which is mainly equipped, and there is an outer packaging box. Of course, there are also some canned instant coffee supplies.

Coffee strip packaging is made of composite packaging film through the packaging machine.

Coffee packaging materials

    Different kinds of coffee packages have different materials, and generally soybean export packaging is relatively simple and is ordinary sack material. The quick-soluble coffee packaging also does not have a special material requirement, basically in general food packaging material. The coffee beans (powder) packaging generally uses opaque plastic composites, as well as comparatively-friendly kraft composites.


Coffee packaging color

     The color of the coffee package is also regular, and the color of the finished coffee pack reflects the characteristics of coffee to a certain extent, depending on the practice of the industry.

 Red packaging coffee:taste is generally relatively heavy, allowing drinkers to wake up from last night’s good dreams;

Black packaging coffee, belonging to high quality native coffee;

Golden packaging coffee, symbolizes wealth, indicating that it is the best in coffee;

Blue packaging coffee is generally “free caffeine” coffee. Coffee is one of the three soft drinks in the world. It is the second largest transaction of oil only in the world, and its prevalence is visible.

    The coffee culture contained in the packaging is extraordinary due to long-term accumulation.

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