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How to choose the right ketchup packaging

Introduction of Ketchup

    Ketchup is a sauce-like concentrated product of fresh tomatoes. It has a bright red sauce and has the unique flavor of tomatoes. It is a distinctive condiment and is generally not directly consumed.
Ketchup is made by crushing, beating, removing the skin and seeds and other hard substances from ripe red tomatoes, then concentrating, filling and sterilizing. Ketchup is often used as a cooking condiment for fish, meat and other foods. It is a good seasoning product that enhances color, adds acid, helps freshness and fragrant.

Ketchup packaging method

    Ketchup is a very common condiment in people’s daily life. At present, the common packaging methods in the market are as follows.
    One is ketchup in small bags, which are mainly found in KFC, McDonald’s and Italian restaurants, and are mainly used for dipping French fries, potato cakes and other foods.
    The second is ketchup packed in a self-supporting spout bag. This is usually found on supermarket shelves for customers to choose and use as a condiment when they return home.
    The third is tomato ketchup packed in plastic bottles, which also appears on supermarket shelves.
    The fourth is tomato ketchup in glass bottles.

    Today, Shanghai duxia package will briefly introduce the characteristics of the above four ketchup packaging methods and their respective advantages.

ketchup in small bags

    The small bag of tomato sauce is filled by a dedicated vertical packaging machine. The ketchup packaging machine is a machine equipment that is specially designed for packaging ketchup in small packets and small bags. The machine can pack ketchup in multiple rows, with high packaging efficiency and fast speed.

    The ketchup packaging machine can be divided into 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows and other types. It uses liquid piston pumps or peristaltic pumps for material metering and perfusion. It can be customized and developed according to the needs of users. As a manufacturer, you only need to place the composite printed packaging film on the packaging machine, and you can get a packaged ketchup bag with four sides sealed.


    The small bag of tomato sauce roll film material is mostly composed of three layers of bopp+vmpet+pe. It is made into roll film after designing, printing, laminating and slitting. Then it can be placed on the packaging machine for filling and bag making. Shanghai Duxia package is a professional manufacturer of ketchup packaging film, welcome customers to visit and inquire!

 Stand up spout bag for ketchup

    The spout bag is an emerging beverage, jelly, and jam packaging bag developed on the basis of the stand up pouch bag.The structure of the nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand up pouch  bag. The bottom structure of the spout bag and the stand-up pouch bag are the same, and composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The nozzle part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth with a straw. The two parts are tightly combined to form a beverage jam package that supports sucking, and because it is a flexible package, there is no difficulty in sucking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal new packaging bag. After innovation by the packaging manufacturer, the spout bag can be used for ketchup packaging.

  The production method of ketchup nozzle bag is basically the same as the ordinary stand-up bag production process, which is composed of basic processes such as printing, compounding, curing, slitting, and bag making.
However, the nozzle bag has an additional workflow, that is,hot seal  the nozzle on the stand up pouch bag.

After the nozzle bag making is completed, the stand-up pouch filling and capping machine can be used to fill and seal the ketchup. The working process of this filling machine is a series of tasks such as automatic bag feeding, bag hanging, coding, filling, automatic lid lifting, lid arranging, lid locking, and bag withdrawal. The machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, convenient use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency.

    Shanghai Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of spout bags. Customers are welcome to inquire!

Plastic squeeze sauce bottle for ketchup packaging

    Plastic squeeze sauce bottles are another way to fill ketchup. Plastic bottles are blow molded by a blow molding machine. After that, the filling machine can automatically complete the bottle filling, filling, capping, sealing,and labeling to complete the packaging.

Glass bottles for Ketchup packaging

    Glass bottles are traditional packaging containers in our country, but also a reliable container suitable for ketchup packaging. Glass is also a very historical packaging material. In many cases of many packaging materials, the glass container still has an important position in the packaging, which does not disconnect the packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot be replaced.

    The main features of the glass packaging container are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, barrier, non-breathable, and can be used multiple times. And has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance, both of which can be highly sterilized, or low-temperature storaged. It is precisely due to its many advantages, so beer, fruit tea, ketchup and other drinks prefer to choose it as packaging materials.

How to put ketchup into a glass container? We mainly complete a series of workflows such as transport bottles, filling ketchup, swag cover, and labeling.

Comparison of 4 kinds of tomato sauce packaging

     Tomato sauce film packaging, ketchup suction bag packaging, ketchup plastic bottle packaging and ketchup glass bottle packaging are the main four packaging methods of ketchup. These four packaging methods require professional packaging machines, we don’t consider the cost of the machine, simply just consider the cost of packaging materials.


    These four packaging methods from packaging materials from small to large sorting: roll film packaging <suction bag packaging <plastic bottle packaging <glass bottle packaging. The cost of the roll film packaging is the lowest, and only the three steps can be made simply by printing, composite, and slitting these three steps. Secondly, nozzle bag packaging. Compared with the roller film packaging, he added two steps of “bag making and suction nozzles adding”. Therefore, the packaging cost has improved a lot. Then the cost of plastic bottle packaging is also relatively high. Two steps in blowing and injection molding are required to complete the production of bottles and caps. The most expensive natural is a glass bottle, which is determined by his material nature. The above three packages are made of lower cost plastics, and he uses glass. Therefore, the cost is the highest. We recommend that customers also take the cost according to the cost, choose the right ketchup packaging.


     Duxia package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ketchup pacakging materials. which including ketchup packaging film roll , ketchup spout bag and so on . We can customize  different kinds of pouches by customer’s needs. In addition, the pattern design can be made according to customer needs. Welcome inquiry



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