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How to choose the right nut packaging bag

    Shanghai Duxia Package is a manufacturer specializing in the production of nut packaging bags. Today we will explain how to choose a suitable nut packaging bag in the following three aspects: packaging design requirements, packaging material selection, and packaging bag type selection.


1, nut packaging design requirements

    Packaging is somewhat a silent salesman, just right packaging to bring consumers, and can also play the role of brand identification. Current consumers pay more attention to health, and nuts, but the high nutritional value can meet the health needs of consumers, so there are more and more people to buy nut products. At the same time, the new brands, new packaging, etc. who have been promoted by major nut companies have expanded the market share of nuts. Then, in the nuts packaging design, you need to grasp the following principles to make the brand’s nut products get a place in the market.

   1) Nut graphics expression is accurate, in line with product properties: The advantages and accident of graphical effects depends on whether the graphics can directly and properly communicate brand personality and specific product characteristics.

    2) The form of art is fashionable. It is necessary to comply with consumer psychology: the design of nut graphics should comply with the various factors of consumers, understand and master consumers’ hobbies and taboos, and strive to produce positive and healthy psychological effects. At the same time, the principles of geographical scale, national scale, custom scale, cultural background scale, and cognitive scale of graphics should also be grasped.

    3) The description will be convenient to read, and the identification is strong. The function, characteristics, storage limit, manufacturer, product bar code, etc. are generally performed. The font selected by the text should pay attention to specific information and psychological reactions. To make consumers feel different affinity and feel the effect of increasing the rate when reading.


2.nut packaging material selection

    There are many nuts, under the influence of ultraviolet, oxygen and moisture, fat occurs, resulting in acid defeat, deterioration, and produce a short-term taste. Eating a monsterless nut will take a lot of oxidative free radicals produced by a large amount of grease, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In addition, the weather is humid in summer, and the nuts are easy to absorb the water in the air, and even pests. The nuts are easily infringed after the harvest, among which the risk of harm to the human body is the yellowlaxin. Therefore, a safe suitable material must be selected on the nut packaging material.

    The nut packaging bag needs to fully consider whether the inner lining is polluted with the goods, and in addition, it is necessary to strictly examine the anti-cracking, anti-anti-mobility, anti-gas flavor, moisture or oil shielding performance.

Commonly used nut packaging bag material

    1. Kraft paper / Al / LDPE, OPP / VMPET / PE, Paper / VMPET / PE: Bacardi, which is often used to make melon seeds.

    2, PA / PE, KPA / PE: Commonly used to make a packaging bag for cream peanuts.

    3, Paper / PE, Paper / VMPET / PE, OPP / VMPET / PE, PET / VMPET / PE: Bacardiki, which is commonly used for granules such as heart fruit.

    4, KPET / PE: Has good oil resistance and hydrostability, is used for packaging of nut foods with higher fatness.

    5, KPET / CPP (or PE): KPET is a Bopet single-sided film, suitable for packaging of peanuts, dried fruits, etc.

3. Nuts packaging bag type selection

     With the development of humanities, there is also more and more intense on food research, and the level of nut packaging bags is also improved!  For the style of the nut packaging bag, the nut packaging bag pattern is roughly the following: NutsThree Side  Packaging Bag, Nuts Four Side Packaging Bag, Nuts Eight Side Packaging Bag, Nuts Stand Up Pouch with Zipper and So on.


Nuts three-sided sealing bag

    The most common one is the three-sided nuts bag. Seal the upper and left and right sides with a bag making machine. and the customer will seal the lower part after filling the nuts.

Nuts four-sided sealing bag

     It is the most popular style on the market, and the bag can be opened on both sides, the volume is large, the sealing is more robust, the specifications are higher, but the cost is higher than other styles.

Nuts eight side sealing bag

    The eight side sealing nuts bag is eight seals (four edges of the bottom, both sides of the left and right side). This bag type is the origin of the pet food bag. At present, many Chinese e-commerce brand is using this bag type, typical has three squirrels, landland, rolling incense, etc. The eight-side bag is very good because of its flat and beautiful appearance, is widely appreciated by consumers.

Nuts stand up pouch bag with zipper

    The bottom of the stand up pouch bag can be standing on its own, and the upper plus zipper can be kneaded, it is very convenient to carry, and it is the most popular packaging bag on the market!

    No matter which nut bag you want to do, Duxia Package is your most loyal background, welcome your inquiry!


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