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How to choose the right rice packaging bag

Introduction of rice

   Rice is the food made after the rice is cleaned, peeled. The rice contains nearly 64% of the nutrients and more than 90% of the human body, and is the main food of the people in Southeast Asia.

    Most of the world’s rice is distributed in the monsoon area of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia’s tropical rainforest. China is the world’s largest rice producer, annual output ranks first for many years. In 2019, China’s rice production is expected to account for 28.90% of global production. Yield ranking second is India, Most of India’s agriculture is based on traditional agriculture, and modernization is not high. India’s rice production accounts for about 23% of the world. The remaining rice yields also have Indonesia (7.70%), Bangladeshi (7.03%), Vietnam (5.61%), Thailand, Philippines (2.41%), Pakistan (1.39%).

Rice packaging bag design 

Rice packaging bag pattern design

    Many manufacturers in rice packaging will combine the patterns of the packaging bag from the local culture. for example. This Thai rice sold in China is the Thai rice imported by China COFCO. Sold in China. All Chinese display has been used in rice packaging, which is convenient for Chinese customers to buy. However, the Thai local culture pattern is used, and the Thai palace is used as a design element in the rice bag, which has a strong regional color, let people think about the Thai palace, and people in the palace. Rice packaging grades improved a lot on this.

    Let’s look at a design. The father of China’s hybrid rice, the Yuan Longping team produced a rice. This is a rice produced in salt base. Let’s take a closer look at his packaging bag. The rice origin is in Inner Mongolia. The rice packaging bag is designed with Inner Mongolia local culture. These include cattle and sheep animal elements on the Inner Mongolia prairies, and the mountain and cloud pattern of Daxinganling.

    People can think of the beautiful Inner Mongolia grassland, magnificent Daxing Anling Mountains, it is a very good design,which can mobilize people’s desire to purchase the rice.

Text design of rice packaging bag

    If it is a domestic rice, we need to complete the most basic content on the bag. 1. The basic information of printing products is required, including origin, quality grade, shelf life, etc.

2, need to manufacture manufacturers, including company name, address, and several major origins.

3, need to write basic nutrients on the rice pack bag, including energy, protein, fat content, and the like.

4, there is still the remaining printing position, it is recommended to add storage recommendations, etc.

If it is imported rice, we recommend the use of at least 2 languages, the language of the rice origin, and the language of the sales country, which can bring a strong hunting psychology to the buyer, thus stimulating the customer’s consumption.

Materials requirements for rice packaging bags


    At present, the packaging of rice has a variety of packaging materials.
    Rice packaging materials have a great impact on the quality and consumption quality safety of rice. According to national standards GB / T17109, “food sales packaging” stipulates that rice packaging materials should have the following features: safety, hygiene, non-toxic, non-pollution; there is sufficient strength, not easy to damage; Do not have any physical and chemical reactions with rice; The packaging bag should have moisture-proof, anti-mobility, anti-insect, and extend rice shelf life function. 

   There are currently two packaging materials in the market in the market. 

rice composite woven bag

    The first is to use a color printing woven rice bag. It is printed after printing the OPP film (some is a matte film or pearl film), and then combined with the transparent braided material, the common specification of the color print rice package is 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg.

    The use of plastic woven bags to pack rice, and its waste will be more serious. Generally, the packaging bag can only use 1-2 times, relative costs are also high.It is difficult to seal it after opening the package, which is not conducive to long-term storage.Phenomenon of pest and mildew is also relatively serious.The moisture-proof performance of packaging materials is poor, the barrier performance is poor. Therefore, this woven bag is usually only used in primary packaging.

Rice composite plastic packaging bag 

    The other is a composite plastic packaging bag that can be vaccumed, and the material structure is PA / PE. The common specifications of rice packaging bags are 2.5kg and 5kg. Plastic composite rice packaging bags are complicated by high barrier packaging materials. Solved the problem of rice mildew insects and preservation in a large extent.

    Vacuum technology has a good preservation role for rice storage, but the shape of the rice itself is not suitable for the vacuum, and does not do 100% vacuum storage. At present, the vacuum of rice vacuum packaging is generally between 0.07 ~ 0.09 kPa. As long as the vacuum is within the scope, the factory’s rice packaging is qualified product.

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