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How to determine the quality of the aluminum foil bag

Introduction about aluminum foil bags

Aluminium foil bag is a bag made of a variety of plastic films after being combined by a bag making machine, used to package food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.

Aluminum foil bags are also called pure aluminum bags. Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. Such products are suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of large precision machinery, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. It mostly adopts a four-layer structure, which has good water and oxygen barrier functions. Unrestricted, you can customize packaging bags of different specifications and styles, and can be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products need to be tested by GB and ASTM standards. Products meet environmental protection requirements (third-party test reports can be provided). Products meet the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in the European Union and North America.

The uses of aluminum foil bags.

1. Composite aluminum foil bags are used for food packaging: such as packaging meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meats, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pig, quick-frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, The aroma, quality, taste and color of bean paste and seasonings. The water vapor transmission rate can reach <0.015 g/(m2?24h)>, and it also has the function of heat sealing. It can be vacuum-packed. The appearance of the composite aluminum foil bag is opaque, silver-white, with anti-gloss, and can be at a temperature of ≤ 38℃ , Store in an environment with humidity ≤90%.

2. Composite aluminum foil bags are used for electronic product packaging: such as mobile phone shielding bags, anti-static shielding bags, LED product packaging bags, etc., all use aluminum foil materials.

3. The composite aluminum foil bag is used for the packaging of medical products: the medical products need to be protected from light and anti-oxidation. Therefore, aluminum foil is also the best material.

4. Composite aluminum foil bags are used in various aspects of daily life such as cosmetic packaging.

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil packaging bags?

Aluminum foil bag packaging is a kind of packaging products. The protective function of the product is one of the basic functions that aluminum foil bags should have. Strict attention should be paid to the production quality to avoid various quality problems in the produced aluminum foil bags then appear in the market. Correspondingly, the production quality inspection of aluminum foil bags is also extremely important. So how to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil packaging bags?

1. Check the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag

See if there is an obvious third color at the splicing of the two colors. The higher the level of fidelity of the physical image, the better the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag, and see if there is any phenomenon such as drawing, fogging, blocking, and missing printing.

2. Check the materials of the aluminum foil bag

The packaging bag needs to be odor-free. The smelly bag generally makes people feel that it does not meet the hygiene standards, and may also affect the normal use of the bag. If there is no peculiar smell, you need to check the transparency of the bag, whether the clarity is uniform, whether there is a sense of impurities, and so on.

3.Check the firmness of the aluminum foil bag

The firmness of aluminum foil bags is mainly divided into two types, composite firmness and heat-sealing firmness. The strength of the aluminum foil bag is different due to different materials.

The main distinguishing method is to align with the edge of the bag and tear it by hand. Aluminum foil bags made of nylon and high-pressure membranes are generally difficult to tear open by hand. It can be used to hold heavier products such as stones, large particles, etc.,
The aluminum foil bag made of OPP heat-sealing film is easy to tear, and can only hold some light products;
After the bag is torn, look at the shape and structure of the cross-section. If it is torn evenly from the middle of the heat-sealed part of the bag, it means that the heat-sealing of the bag is poor and the bag is easy to break during the production process;
If it is torn from the sealing edge, it means that the heat sealing quality is better; it also depends on the composite firmness of the bag. The method is to first check how many layers of structure are at the crack, and then see if it can be separated by hand. If it is not easy Separate, it means that the composite firmness is good, and vice versa. In addition, the firm level of the bag should be checked at the same time whether there are bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the bag.

4. Check the appearance of the aluminum foil bag

We must first observe the stiffness of the aluminum foil bag. The higher the flatness, the better, but due to the different needs of the material. For example, a bag made of nylon and high pressure film, there will be wavy in the hot sector of the bag; It also needs to be observed whether the cutting part of the bag is neat. The higher the neatness, the better the quality of the aluminum foil bag.

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