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How to make the suitable potato chips packaging

1.Introduction of potato chips

    Potato chips refer to snacks made from potatoes, and is an important part of many national snack markets. When making potato chips, first remove the potato outer skin, then cut into a sheet, Then fry or baketo crisp, And seasoned. This potato chip has been fully made till now.

2.Potato chips packaging material requirements

    The main requirements for the packaging of potato chips are: high barrier properties. Highly light-transmitting. Good oil resistance. Stiffness is good.
    The commonly used structures are:
B0PP/MPET/PE,   BOPP/VMPET/CPP, BOPP/VMPET/EX-PE/PE and other structures.

    Generally, the packaging materials used in potato chips products are mostly composite film packaging bags, which are a combination of printing layer/aluminum barrier layer/heat sealing layer. It can be seen that the aluminum layer is not in direct contact with the food, and it is usually in direct contact with some safer plastics.

Moreover, in the food packaging industry, the products of formal enterprises must pass safety certification before they can be eaten with confidence. Generally, this type of product has relatively large amounts of oil and is more afraid of oxidation, such as the smell of oil. In order to ensure the shelf life of the product, the barrier properties of packaging materials are usually relatively high. Aluminum is a material with relatively good ductility and barrier properties recognized throughout the world, therefore. It is widely used in the field of potato chips packaging.

3.Potato chips packaging design points

    Potato chips are one of consumers’ favorite snacks. When you open the package of potato chips and enjoy a package of your favorite chips, you probably didn’t consider the meaning behind the package of potato chips. Today duxia package will explain it to you. : Points to note in potato chip packaging design
Potato chip packaging design belongs to the packaging design in the food field. Therefore, manufacturers often hope that potato chip packaging design can make people appetite. It must meet the basic protection, promotion, and information transmission functions. In addition, it is rich in creativity and is a good packaging design.

3.1. The aesthetic characteristics of potato chip packaging bags

    The potato chip packaging bag has its own unique characteristics, such as considering the color of the food according to the characteristics of the food. For example, strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider red, and orange-flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange. Nowadays, people’s aesthetics Continuous improvement and meeting people’s aesthetic needs have become the main topic of packaging bag design. In the past, packaging that simply put a product photo could no longer satisfy people’s aesthetic standards. They needed more artistic expressions. And designers also adopted abstract The technique makes the product packaging more artistic, leaving people with room for reverie.

3.2. The rationality of potato chips packaging bags

    The picture of potato chip packaging can be exaggerated appropriately, but not arbitrarily. Modern food packaging bag designs are increasingly adopting artistic effects to express product characteristics, such as computer drawing products. This method can make up for the lack of photography, and can be combined with ingredients, The random combination of raw materials, etc., makes people more intuitively understand and trust the product.

3.3. The pertinence of potato chip packaging bags

    Because some foods are specifically targeted at a certain range of consumer groups, the performance of packaging bags needs to be highlighted.For example, for middle-aged and elderly food, the form of packaging bags is more traditional, and the colors will also adopt deep and steady colors;Children’s food requires lively and cute packaging, bright colors and often have some added value (such as can be used as a toy or collection);
For products in a certain area, local characteristics can be shown on the packaging, such as dialects, cultural traditions, etc.

4.Potato chips packaging method and packaging bag type

    At present, there are mainly two packaging methods for potato chips packaging.
One is to use a combination weigher packaging machine for packaging. The machine can automatically complete the processes of feeding, weighing, filling potato chips, filling with nitrogen, sealing the bag and forming, and cutting the film. Just prepare the potato chip packaging roll film and place it on the packaging machine. No need to make finished bags in advance. The bag types that can be made by this machine include back-seal bags, three-side-seal bags, and four-sides-seal bags.

     Another way is to use a bag packaging machine. Make potato chip packaging bags in advance, which can be made into three-side-sealed self-supporting bags, eight-side-sealed bags, and special-shaped bags.
Place the bag in the storage position in advance, and the machine can automatically complete the entire process of taking the bag, loading (potato chips), opening the potato chip bag, filling the potato chip, and sealing the bag, so that the packaging quality is higher. Packaging costs will naturally be higher.

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