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Introduce the form and material of puffed food packaging!

1. Puffed food introduction

     The puffed food is a major raw material with cereal, potato or beans, etc., using a puffed process such as bakery, fried, microwave or extrusion, has a tissue, a tissue, crisp, fragrant fragrance Various casual foods. Such as snow rice cake, potato chips, shrimps, shrimp slices, popcorn, rice fruit, etc. The puffed food is very beautiful, it is convenient to carry edible, and the raw materials are widely used, and the taste is variable. It is increasingly a food that consume public love. The puffed food is a new type of food in the end of the 1960s, which is also known as squeezed food, spurting food, light weight food.

2. Puffed food characteristics and requirements for packaging materials

2.1. Quality characteristics of puffed food

1.Low water content

2. The frying type puffed food is high, easy to oxidize

3. Puffed food tissue loose, high brittleness, low mechanical strength, large occupancy space.

4. Optical moisture absorption of seasoning type

2.2. Main performance must be available in puffed food packaging materials

(1) Hygiene safety of packaging materials

    The packaging material must first meet the requirements of the food hygiene law, without the transfer of the body, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) synthetic plastic, vinyl chloride monomer into food, vinyl chloride is harmful to the human body, and the production is added Plasticizers and stabilizers also increase the insecure, and well-preserved inks and other materials must be selected.

(2) Mechanism of moisture resistance of packaging materials:

    Both the non-polar molecule constituting or having a large thickness of crystallinity have a lower lightweight temperature, and two or more packaging materials are used to further reduce their moisture permeability.

(3) Gas barrier packaging material

    Protect food contained ingredients

(4) Light-blocking properties of packaging materials

    Light has oxidative degradation such as pigment substances such as unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, Reduce the nutritional value of food, recession in color, The oxidative decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids not only brings obvious smells to food, but also harms human health.

(5) Chemical stability of puffed food packaging materials

    The puffed food packaging material needs to remain stable for water, heat, light, acid and alkali from the environment. If the packaging material destroys the quality of the food due to the chemical reaction, the package will lose the meaning of packaging. The food content has a complex chemical component, and the packaging material cannot be chemically reacted with the food ingredient when contacting the food, so as not to cause corrosion of the bracketing and the metamorphism of the food. When the packaging material is produced, additional excipients are needed in addition to the resin as the main material. It mainly includes plasticizers, fillers, stabilizers, colorants, etc., generally referred to as additives. Various additives should be highly compatible and non-toxic, odorless, odorless, not dissolved in food, not combined with food ingredients, maintain good stability.

(6). Mechanical mechanical properties of puffed food packaging materials

1.Tensile strength

2. Fracture elongation

3. Anti-impact strength

4. Tear strength

(7) Oil resistance of puffed food packaging materials

    Prevent oil oxidation and overflow.

2.3 Puffed food common packaging materials:


    Used in potato chips, good heat sealing property, oxygen, light shielding, shelf life can reach more than one year, and can reach longer shelf life if the method of filming nitrogen is again used.

2, BOPP / VMPET / CPP (or PE), BOPP / PE / VMPET / CPP film, OPP / PET / AL / CPP:

    The packaging used for puffed food is in the form of gas-tension packaging, with advantages such as sealing property, light shielding, and oil resistance.


    The packaging of puffed food such as potato chips is often used, and the cost of the two materials is low, but the shelf life of the contents is slightly short. The material science is oxygen, rheumatized, protected from light, oil resistance, moisture, appearance, bright color, low cost, whose cost is good, BOPP, PET and VMCPP are very good, BOPP printability, high gloss. VMCPP is good, and CPP oil resistance is also good.

3.Puffed food  packaging form 

3.1 Puffed food common packaging form:

1. Puffed food ordinary plastic packaging:

     Unfill any gas or vacuum-processed bulk form, Different shelf demands can be met depending on the barrier material added to the packaging material.

2, puffed food charging plastic packaging:

    Wash the air into the finished package to prevent the puffed food from being crushed. A material having better toughness is generally selected to prevent the packaging bag from breaking.

3, puffed food refunds nitrogen packaging:

    Using nitrogen to prevent oxidation deterioration of frying type, the corresponding packaging material on nitrogen, the barrier properties of oxygen should be higher, and is more aluminum-plated composite film. It is currently using the broadest way to protect the quality of the puffed food is not oxidized, not polluting, and ensure product quality.

3.2 Puffed food packaging method

    Puffed foods typically use vertical packaging machines for packaging bags. There are two different packaging methods. One is to package with a small vertical packaging machine, directly placing the printed roll film on the machine. The process of making the bag can be completed during the filling process. Generally made a pillow bag or a three-sided bag and a four-sided bag.

    Another is to place the production of good packaging bags at the entrance to the machine. The machine automatically picks up the bag, meter, fill the puffed food, filling nitrogen, sealing and other processes. This machine can adapt to a variety of bag types. Packaged products are beautiful.

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