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Packing bag design masters these elements, and your products will sell well!

    In today’s era of a dazzling array of commodities, the styles of packaging bags are varied, and packaging bag design is not only a design art, it is also a means of sales. The packaging of commodities is the beginning of consumers’ contact with commodities, and most consumers know and understand commodities through packaging. Today, when the products are extremely rich, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time, and they must grasp the moment when the consumer’s eyes are swept away from the product to effectively attract consumers’ attention. Packaging bags often use visual elements such as shapes, colors, graphics, text, and materials to highlight the cultural connotation and information of products and brands. Professional flexible packaging manufacturer Shanghai Duxia Packaging believes that the following elements can be mastered to make exquisite packaging bags to attract consumers’ desire to buy.


1. Colors that attract attention
    When people observe an object, the first thing that catches the eye is the surface color of the object. From the perspective of vision, color is far more attractive than black. Bright colors can arouse high excitement of the visual organs, attract people’s attention, and enhance the recognition of packaging bags.

① Bright colors. Bright color means that the color has vivid and strong visual impact. Such colors are often contrasting colors. Although they produce obvious differences, they do not lose coordination, have clear and definite emotional colors, and can quickly and accurately convey information to consumers without thinking. For example: red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, red-violet and other colors give people a feeling of warmth and vitality; while blue, blue-violet, and blue-green produce a feeling of cold. Color contrast is mainly achieved through the lightness and darkness, coldness and warmth of the color, the size of the area; the distance and density; the dynamic and static of the form. Try different styles of color matching to finally create a bright color.

②Clear brand color. The brand color occupies the main position on the packaging, and the visual image of the brand is clear and clear. Consumers often have a sense of identity with familiar things, and they are willing to buy familiar products. The color of the brand is the leading factor, and the color of the product’s individuality is the supplement, so that consumers can recognize the brand at a glance. In addition, the repeated bombardment of consumers by this brand color can further deepen consumers’ awareness of the brand.


③ In addition to bringing human visual experience, color can also cause psychological reactions of taste and smell. This is the synesthesia of color. For example: bright yellow, yellow-orange will give consumers a sweet taste; lemon yellow, yellow-green, and turquoise will give consumers a sour taste; big red will have a spicy taste. The best colors that give people a sense of fragrance and smell are bright yellow-green, medium-bright yellow and light yellow.

2. Interest-generating graphics

After the color of the front packaging bag makes the product attractive to consumers, the next step is to further guide consumers to generate interest, which is the graphic design on the packaging bag. Graphics is another visual language that does not require any language annotations after color. It can directly convey information to consumers.

①The image of the product conveyed by the graphic is bright. People are accustomed to perceiving and remembering things with specific images. The specific images bring strong visual impact and leave deep memory traces for consumers. Photography is the most direct and effective means of transmitting product information. For example, photographic images of food can make food look more attractive and can arouse. people’s urge to buy.


②The graphics are tasteful and enhance the product value. After meeting material needs, people begin to pursue spiritual needs. At this time, paintings, calligraphy and other artistic graphics are needed to bring people the beauty of art, cultivate sentiment, and show the taste of art of the audience.

③The graphics are novel and show the personality of the product. The peculiar graphics always induce consumers to explore its special features and deepen the impression in the process of exploration. The graphics that can meet this requirement are illustrations. Illustrations can show reality or unknowable surreal illusions. By exaggerating the characteristics of certain things or some exaggerated expressions, it can bring interest and humor to consumers.

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