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Three-side sealing transparent vacuum packaging bag


PET vacuum packaging bags, selected materials that have passed QS certification and meet food standards, have fine workmanship, flat sealing edges, consistent thickness, and high transparency. Each batch of vacuum bags is shipped after strict inspection by the workshop’s technical department. The production process is: compounding, edge banding, forming, disinfection and sterilization, finished product inspection, packing

Details about Three-side sealing transparent vacuum packaging bag

Features: Used in conjunction with a vacuum sealer, using the principle of atmospheric pressure for air extraction and deoxidation, which can effectively prevent food from rotten and deteriorated, thereby extending the shelf life of food. It can be widely used in meat, dried fruits, etc., and can also be used without vacuum, which is equivalent to commercial products. Play the role of moisture-proof, anti-fouling, etc.

The main function of vacuum packaging is to maintain the shelf life of food. The specific functions are as follows:
1) To prevent it from drying out, the packaging material blocks the boiling gas, prevents drying, and keeps the surface area of ​​the fresh meat soft:
2) Prevent oxygen. When vacuuming, oxygen and air are exhausted together, oxygen cannot enter the packaging bag, and oxygen is completely prevented:
3) Prevent the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, etc., which seriously affect the quality of food. Their metabolic products have side effects on the human body and keep food fresh. The new vacuum-packed products can prevent the secondary pollution of microorganisms and the survival of aerobic microorganisms:
4) To prevent the loss of fragrance, packaging materials can effectively block the escape of volatile fragrances, and at the same time prevent the odor between different products:
5) Avoid freezing loss. The packaging material isolates the product from the outside. Due to the location, the formation of cold during freezing and air drying can reduce the loss to a small extent.
6) Prevent being touched by people, so that the product can meet the purchaser’s hygiene requirements.

The main uses of vacuum packaging are as follows:
1. Cured products: sausages, ham, bacon, dried duck, etc.;
2. Pickles: pickled mustard, dried radish, kimchi, etc.;
3. Soy products: dried tofu, vegetarian chicken, bean paste, etc.;
4. Convenient food: rice, cooked vegetables, etc.;
5. Cooked food products: roast chicken, roast duck, sauced beef, etc.;
6. Used in industrial machinery parts, electronic industry raw materials and precision machinery, etc.;
7. Used for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-yellowing and deterioration packaging of various precious Chinese herbal medicines;
8. Used for the fragrance, color, facial mask, etc. of tea, coffee, cocoa, flavors, spices, food additives, oils, and cosmetics;

Note: Since the sealing edge may be a certain distance from the bag mouth after sealing, (if you use a small household vacuum machine, you need 4 cm to discharge the exhaust nozzle), and generally the filling amount does not exceed 3/4 of the bag when vacuuming Therefore, you must choose the appropriate size according to the size of the product and your packaging machine when you buy! (The materials used in our factory are all brand-new Grade A materials, and the food standards, hygiene standards, and environmental protection standards are in compliance with national regulations, please rest assured to use)

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