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Composite plastic candy automatic packaging roll film


Packaging roll film is a general term for packaging film supplied in rolls in the packaging industry, and is mainly used for product bag making on packaging machines. Roll film is used in automatic packaging machinery, and only one-time edge sealing operation is required in the production enterprise.

Name: Composite plastic candy automatic packaging roll film

Type of bag:Roll film

Material:Customized on demand

Size:Customized on demand

Minimum order quantity:300KG

Price:The price is affected by size, pattern, thickness, quantity, etc.

Use:Food packaging

Details about Composite plastic candy automatic packaging roll film

About bag/roll film price
The price of the roll film or bag depends on the size, thickness and material requirements of the roll film, so the price needs to be quoted according to your specific needs.

About bag/roll film size
You can take a look at the bags of competing products or similar products and measure their specific size. This is more accurate. By the way, you can see which style of pattern or bag you like. Before ordering, you need to determine the size of the bag to be made, because the size of the bag determines the minimum order quantity and price of the bag.

About bag/roll film thickness
Since the unit of thickness is micron, the difference in bag thickness cannot be seen from the photos. If you have a bag with the right thickness, you can mail it to us, and use professional tools to help you measure the specific thickness. The thickness of the roll film is in micrometers. When you place an order, you must be accurate in how many micrometers your thickness requirements are (instead of “almost” or “approximately”. We also support sample mailing services, so that you can easily determine the thickness and material The difference.

About bag/roll film width
Due to the seasonal changes in cold and heat, thermal expansion and contraction will have a certain effect on the thickness of the film material.
Due to the complex production process and many processes, the stretching, slitting, incubation and other processes may have a plus or minus 1-2mm error. It is not cutting corners. We will strive to accurately control the width.

About bag/roll film color difference
Different batches of products will have a certain color difference, which is just a matter of large and small. It is inevitable even if it is produced in the same factory. The industry’s general chromatic aberration rate is within 10%, we generally
Regarding chromatic aberration, the chromatic aberration rate is controlled at about 5%.

About the number of bags
There will be a certain error between the number of finished products and the number of orders, generally within 10%, because the roll film will be slightly lost during the printing and laminating process. Considering these losses, we will prepare more when preparing materials to minimize the error. .

About the bag minimum order quantity
The MOQ of the bag depends on the size of the bag, that is, the length and width of the bag.The bag type may involve the unfolded width of the bottom and sides, the larger the size, the smaller the MOQ.

About composite roll film
Due to the special process of composite film production, the weight of the product cannot be 100% accurate, and there will be some errors. We will refund if the weight of the order is less than the weight of the order. You need to pay for the excess order weight. After receiving the goods, if The actual weight of the booking order does not match the weight, please contact customer service as soon as possible.

About customization
Due to the particularity of customized products and the characteristics of industrial printing, we will start production once you determine the drawings involved, so no data can be changed, and the product cannot be returned. If there is any quality problem, please contact our staff in time to solve it for you.

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