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Customized Cat food zipper eight-side seal bag

1: Size requirements
Whether it is a dog food packaging bag or a cat food packaging bag, the food of each small animal is different, the size of the particles is different, and the weight of each package is also different, so we must first determine the packaging Weight, size, so that we can produce a satisfactory product.

2: Material of pet food packaging bag
The main production materials of pet food packaging bags are as follows:
Co-extruded PE film, woven bag, PP/PE, PE/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE two-layer composite bag. PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE three-layer composite bag. PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE four-layer composite bag

3. Bag type: eight-side sealing bag
4. Thickness: customized according to customer needs
Production cycle: 7-15 days, please contact us for sales for specific information.

The price of each material is different, and the quality is different, so you need to choose your favorite product according to the product positioning

Details about Customized Cat food zipper eight-side seal bag

Functions of cat food packaging bags

According to item 6 of the national standard GB/T31217-2014 “Full Price Pet Food Cat Food”, the labeling regulations clearly indicate the requirements of cat food packaging: the packaging should be accompanied by a label indicating the product name, raw material composition, and product Component analysis guarantee value, net weight or net content, storage conditions, instructions for use, precautions, production date, shelf life, manufacturer name and address, license certificate number and product quality standard number, etc.

The functions that the packaging bag should have are specified in item 7.1 of the standard:

The packaging should be sealed, moisture-proof, waterproof and not easily damaged. Packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless.

According to the national standard, the cat food packaging bag has two functions: internal function and external function!

1. Intrinsic function: Intrinsic function refers to the technical requirements of ensuring the quality and quantity of cat food in the packaging bag through packaging. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Strength requirements
The strength requirement of the packaging bag refers to the function of the packaging to protect the packaged food against various external destructive forces such as pressure, impact and vibration during storage, stacking, transportation, and handling. For example, it can adapt to the transportation of cars, trains, and airplanes; adapt to the pressure of multi-layer stacking and cross stacking; adapt to the erosion of harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, and dust.

There are many requirements for the strength of the packaging bag during transportation
Barrier requirements
Barrier is one of the important properties of packaging bags. If the barrier properties of the packaging bag are poor, the taste and quality of the cat food will change, which will ultimately affect the quality of the cat food. Therefore, excellent barrier properties are essential! For cat food, a good packaging bag must not only block the outside air, water, light, microorganisms, etc., but also block the internal cat food grease and powder from leaking!

If the packaging is damaged, the quality of cat food is worrying

Other functions
There are many inherent functions of cat food packaging bags, such as heat resistance requirements, light-proof requirements, shatter-proof requirements, moisturizing requirements, breathing requirements, and nutritional requirements.

2. External function: The external function of cat food packaging bag is mainly to reflect the characteristics, performance, image and other characteristics of food through packaging bag and surface printing, which is a means of visualizing and expressing the external appearance of goods. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Security features
The safety function of cat food packaging is mainly reflected in two aspects: hygiene and safety and safety in use.

A good packaging bag can not only keep the nutritional content, color and taste of the cat food as unchanged as possible, but also its own hygiene and safety and safe use. Packaging materials should not contain substances that are harmful to humans and pets, and should be convenient for consumers to transport and carry, pet bites, and prevent accidental eating during daily use. Ensure the safety of people and pets.

Good packaging bags can be used for all kinds of food
Promotional features
Packaging bags are one of the best promotional methods for cat food. The characteristics, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional content, and cultural connotation of cat food can all be reflected on the packaging. The promotion of packaging bags includes: necessary information promotion, image promotion, color promotion, etc.

Think about it, when you visit a pet store or a pet show, a beautifully packaged cat food will make you notice it for the first time. And then have the desire to take a look, or even buy?

Other external functions
Other external functions: convenience requirements, prompt requirements, interesting description requirements, historical descriptions, etc.

Let us start customizing your cat food packaging bag now!

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