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Customized fish bait packaging bag

Pet food packaging bag
Product name: pet food packaging bag, fish bait packaging bag
Definition: plastic packaging bags used to hold pet food
Thickness: or customized according to customer requirements
Material: Double-layer composite, or three-layer composite.
Bag type: three-side sealing bag, eight-side sealing bag, three-side sealing upright bag, organ bag, etc.
Vacuum object: widely used for foods that require high temperature sterilization
Production cycle: 7-15 days, please contact us for sales for specific information.

Details about Customized fish bait packaging bag

The pet food packaging market is developing rapidly, the demand is increasing, and the styles are becoming more and more abundant. The most common ones are eight-side sealing bags, three-side sealing upright bags, zipper bags, four-side sealing organ bags, etc. The individually packaged products are convenient to store and easy to use. Suitable for dog food, cat food, fish food, etc.

Thank you very much for choosing Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. In order to respond to your request more accurately and quickly, please pay attention to the following information when you make an inquiry

1. What is the size of the packaging bag?

2. Which composite materials are used for the packaging and what is the thickness?

3. What is the type of packaging bag?

(For example: middle seal, three-side seal, four-side seal, self-supporting bag, self-supporting zipper bag, automatic packaging film, etc.)

4. How many colors need to be printed on the packaging bag? (Plate-making fee is charged according to the number of colors)

5. What is the quantity of this order?

1. Since the product is customized, the quantity will inevitably increase or decrease afterwards, and the amount will be calculated according to the quantity after the design. The general error is within 10%. For example, 50,000 bags. The number after that will be between 45,000-55,000.

2. Transaction method: arrange the plate fee before production (the plate fee is calculated based on the square area, specifically based on the specific size of your bag and the production method. The plate fee is for the plate making company, if you already have the plate If you do, you can send it directly. Here is an explanation of why some friends say that the printing fee is so high, because the plastic bag is gravure printed, which is different from the carton and non-woven bag products. This is the artwork engraved on the plate Put it on the roller and print it on the machine. The version fee is only required for custom-made. If there is no change in the later artwork, there is no need to pay the version fee for reproduction). The deposit is 30% of the purchase price. [For example, if you make 30,000 bags with a unit price of 0.5 yuan, the edition fee is 1,500 yuan. Then you have to arrange 6000 yuan first. 】After all the bags are ready, notify the customer of the specific quantity, and you can ship directly after you arrange the balance. Of course, if you are not at ease, you can send a few samples to you for confirmation after you are done.

Let us start customizing the bait packaging bag now, and welcome your inquiry!

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