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Customized three-side sealing nut packaging bag

Name:Customized three-side sealing nut packaging bag, custom food packaging snack bag, nut peanut bag

Type of bag: three side sealing plastic bag ,stand up pouch

Material: Customized on demand

Size: Customized on demand

Minimum order quantity:decided by your bag size ,min order about 20000 pcs

Price: The price is affected by size, pattern, thickness, quantity, etc.

Use: Food packaging

Delivery time:7-15 days

Details about Customized three-side sealing nut packaging bag

Order process
1. Confirm product specifications (including: bag size, thickness, bag body material and printing pattern, customized quantity);
2. Place an order with a quotation (after confirming the order, please place an order with a 30% advance payment, during which we will prepare the materials for production);
3. The design is finalized (the buyer provides the original electronic drawing. The seller makes a printed draft for free for the buyer to confirm);
4. The design is finalized (the printing diagram is confirmed, and the printing plate is produced, the cycle is generally about 3-5 days);
5. Production scheduling (production scheduling for your products, the production cycle depends on the order quantity, generally printing plus production is about 10-15 days);
6. After inspection, pay 70% of the balance, and then package and ship (you can choose the transportation method according to the buyer’s requirements, because the customized quantity is too large, the weight is heavier, generally choosing LCL delivery is more affordable).

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