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Eight side seal stand up bag


Eight-side-sealed bags are also called eight-side-sealed flat-bottomed bags. The bottom is flat and there are a total of eight sealed sides, hence the name. There are 4 sealing edges at the bottom and 2 sealing edges on the left and right sides, making a total of 8. The eight-side sealing bag has 5 display surfaces: 1 on the front and rear, 1 on the left and right, and 1 on the bottom. In this way, the eight-side sealed bag can carry more information and media information, and better display and promote food and brands.


Details about Eight side seal stand up bag

Advantages of the eight-side seal stand-up pouch:

The eight-side-sealed bag has the properties of a color-printed packaging bag and has good water and air barrier properties. It has a wide range of uses in the packaging industry. It can be used to package food, grains, powder and other products in different forms, as well as electronic products. For perishable commodities, it can effectively extend the shelf life and storage period. The color-printed packaging bag is light in weight and occupies a small area, which can effectively save space and reduce costs during transportation and storage. Color-printed packaging bags can be used for transportation packaging as well as sales packaging. They are large in scale, widely applicable and easy to process. Compared with other packaging materials, color-printed packaging bags have lower original materials and production costs.

Material quality: PET/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE (customizable)
Ruler inch: (customizable)
Bag type: eight-side sealed flat bottom bag
Usage: various food packaging such as edible salt.
Core features: 1. Good airtightness, shading, waterproof, moisture-proof, fragrance and freshness.
2. The self-sealing zipper design can be opened repeatedly for easy storage.
3. The quality of a dust-free production environment and a complete quality control system. To
Printing: Our company uses 9-color high-speed computer printers to print to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of color registration.

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