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Four-side sealing food packaging bag

The four-side sealing bag contains four sealing sides, like two pieces of film facing together to seal the four sides. This is the source of the four-side sealing bag.

Details about Four-side sealing food packaging bag

1. Features of four-side sealing bag:

(1) The product has a good appearance and three-dimensional effect. The product is packed in a cube shape, which can be used for food preservation and reused many times to make full use of the packaging bag space.

(2) The unique four-side sealing bag design can effectively prevent bursting. The new printing technology highlights the pattern design and trademark effect. Special trademarks or patterns can be designed to have a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

(3) It can highlight the high-end and distinctive shelf effects of products.

(4) It has a wide variety of styles, and is resistant to cooking, moisture-proof, good vacuum effect, low oxygen permeability, high sealing performance and good heat sealing performance.

(5) Strong resistance to irritation, preventing external lines, especially anti-static, etc., effectively protecting products from damage caused by the external environment, and extending the shelf life.

2. The main products of four-side sealing bags include:

(1) OPP, CPP, PET, nylon, aluminized and other composite bags;

(2) Blank or multi-color sling bags, self-adhesive bags such as OPP, CPE, PP, PE, PP;

(3) Courier bags of various sizes such as PE, PP, PO, OPP, CPP, etc., flat pocket organ bags;

(4) A series of design and manufacture of PVC handle bags, zipper bags, environmental protection bags, etc.

3. The scope of application of products with four-side sealing bags:

Four-side sealing bags are mainly used for powdered food, dried fruits and tea. The food that needs to be stored is put in the bag. Some food requires the air to be exhausted, so as to be hygienic, environmentally friendly and extendable. The shelf life and other functions are widely used in snack food packaging, powdered food packaging, and food production enterprise packaging.

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