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Professional custom eight-side sealing dog food bag

Product name: Eight side seal zipper bag dog food packaging bag
Definition: It is a kind of composite bag. It is a kind of packaging bag named according to its shape. Eight-side sealing bag, as the name implies, has eight sealing edges, four bottom sealing edges and two sides on each side. This type of bag is nearly two The new bag type that emerged in the year can also be called “flat bottom bag, square bottom bag, organ zipper bag” and so on
Material: PET/CPP, or customized according to customer requirements
Bag type: eight-side sealed bag
Thickness: 0.04-0.25mm
Color: 0-9 color printing
Size: customized
Packaging objects: widely used for snack food, pet food, etc.
Production cycle: 7-15 days, please call us for specific information

Details about Professional custom eight-side sealing dog food bag

Five advantages of eight-side sealing bag
1. Standing steadily, which is conducive to shelf display;
2. There are a total of eight printed layouts, with sufficient places to describe product information and display more complete;
3. The flexible packaging composite technology has many changes in materials. According to the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of water and oxygen, the metal effect and the printing effect, the advantages are greater than the box;
4. The eight-side seal zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, and consumers can reopen and close the zipper, which can be used repeatedly
5. Unique appearance, multi-color printing, exquisite product appearance, and strong promotion and promotion

Commonly used materials for eight-side sealing bags
1. Double-layer plastic-plastic composite film: polyester/polyethylene PET/PE, nylon/polyethylene NY/PE
2. Double-layer plastic-plastic high-temperature cooking film: polyester/polypropylene PET/CPP, nylon/polypropylene NY/CPP
3. Three-layer aluminum-plastic composite film:
Polyester/Aluminum/Polyethylene PET/AL/PE Nylon/Aluminum/Polyethylene NY/AL/PE
Polyester/Aluminum/Polypropylene PET/AL/CPP Nylon/Aluminum/Polypropylene NY/AL/CPP
Application: high-grade packaging, protected from light, does not display the contents.

Eight-side sealing bag customization process

1. Determine some basic information of the eight-sided sealing bag, including the basic requirements of the material, thickness, bag type, and size of the eight-sided packaging bag.
2. The design of the eight-side sealing bag is designed and produced by the designer or the packaging bag manufacturer according to the needs of customers. When designing, you need to provide mandatory information, design themes and elements, etc.
3. The plate making of the eight-side sealing bag is directly related to the color printing effect of the eight-side sealing bag. If you want to make an exquisite packaging bag, you must make a fine printed copper plate. The plate making is based on the design manuscript,
4. For the color printing of the eight-side sealed bag, after the plate is made, the copper plate is loaded on the printing machine. Color-print the design of the eight-side seal bag onto the first layer of material. The requirement of color printing quality is that there should be no color difference.
5. Laminate the materials of the eight-side sealing bag, and combine the material films with different functions such as printing materials, barrier materials, and heat sealing materials.
6. For the curing and curing of the eight-side sealed bag, after the material is compounded, the composite strength is not stable and cannot be used immediately, and curing and curing are required. It is generally placed in a constant temperature curing room for 24-48 hours to allow the moisture and solvent in the glue to fully evaporate.
7. After the eight-side seal bag is made into rolls and cured, the customization of the eight-side seal bag is basically completed.

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing eight-side sealing bags for global customers. Welcome your inquiry!

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