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Three-side sealing cosmetic packaging bag

Brief introduction

Our company specializes in the production and sales of three-sided cover film bags. The conventional mask bags will use aluminum foil composite structure to create a smooth and crisp effect. The square packaging bags are generally between 150mm-160mm, and the rectangular size is about 140mm*170mm. According to the design, the four corners are rounded (the effect of the rounded corners reduces the sharpness and increases the roundness). In addition, there are some irregular packaging bags. These various types of mask bags have added a die-cutting process in the production process, so the finished packaging bags are already in the shape of the design.
Analyzing from the raw material itself, the general mask packaging bags are mainly divided into two types: aluminized bags and pure aluminum bags. The aluminum-plated bag is to coat high-purity metal aluminum evenly on the plastic film under high-temperature vacuum. The pure aluminum bag is formed by the extension of pure metal aluminum sheet, and is compounded with the plastic film to improve the plastic’s barrier properties, sealing properties, fragrance retention, shielding and other functions. In other words, pure aluminum facial mask bags are more suitable for the market requirements of mask packaging bags.

Details about Three-side sealing cosmetic packaging bag


1. The bag material is food-grade safe and environmentally friendly, with quality assurance.
2. The bag adopts a multi-layer high-density composite material structure with extremely strong barrier performance;
3. It is printed with a fully automatic chromatographic high-speed printing machine, and the printing effect is vivid, attracting consumers’ attention from the outer packaging, and greatly increasing your product sales.
4. The bag design is owned by the customer, so the pattern is for reference only! Please bring your own design drawings!

Five elements for obtaining an accurate quotation:
Bag size: length * thickness;
Customized quantity:
Customized thickness: how many microns is the thickness of one side
The first film (printing): MOPP dumb film/OPP light film/PET light film/NY nylon film
The second film (composite layer): VMPET aluminum plating/VMCPP aluminum plating/CPPAL pure aluminum/PL pearl film
The third layer (composite layer): PE/CPP
Printing process: dumb film/light film, partial bright UV, hot stamping, window opening and other processes.

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