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Three-side sealing mask packaging bag with zipper

General mask bag plastic three-side seal ziplock packaging bag

Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is an enterprise that mainly produces and sells packaging materials and composite packaging bags. Professionally customize all kinds of mask packaging bags, welcome your inquiry.

Product name: mask packaging bag
Product material: a variety of options
Design: customized on demand
1. Exquisite design, professional design team, one-to-one service, design until the customer is satisfied.
2. Printing quality, using imported ink, does not change color, does not deink, and has strong puncture resistance.

Details about Three-side sealing mask packaging bag with zipper


Composite packaging is a combination of two or more materials through one or more dry composite processes to form a composite package with a certain function. Generally can be divided into base layer, functional layer and heat seal layer. The base layer mainly plays the role of beauty, printing, and moisture resistance. Such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, MT, KOP, KPET, etc.; the functional layer mainly acts as a barrier and protects from light, such as VMPET, AL, EVOH, PVDC, etc.; the heat-sealing layer is in direct contact with the packaging articles, which is adaptable and resistant to penetration Features such as LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, CPP, VMCPP, EVA, EAA, E-MAA, EMA, EBA, etc.

The composite flexible packaging material must be made into various packaging bags before it can be used. There are two ways to make bags. One is that the packaging manufacturer uses roll film to fill on the automatic packaging machine, and the packaging is formed into various packaging bags; the other is that the bag making machine makes various packaging bags and then fills the contents. . Due to the precise control of professional bag making, the beautiful bag shape, the large variation of bag making, and the many types of bags, in many cases, bags are made first. The main varieties of bags are: three-side-sealed bags (folded palm-sealed bags), back-sealed bags, fold-over (organ bags), upright bags, etc., as shown in the figure below.



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