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Six advantages of vacuum packaging bags

    Vacuum packaging is a very popular form of packaging nowadays. The air in the container is extracted to maintain a predetermined vacuum state, which can save space and is easy to carry. Vacuum packaging bags are also widely used in the market due to their own characteristics. Vacuum packaging bags are used in many industries such as the food industry, medical supplies industry, and electronic products.


   Today, let’s talk about the advantages of vacuum packaging bags that are so popular.


   First, after the vacuum packaging bag draws out the internal air, the packaging bag basically fits the packaging, that is, the internal volume ratio is small, which not only saves packaging space, but also facilitates daily carrying;


     Second, after the vacuum packaging bag is vacuumed, the number of microorganisms is less than that of aerobic packaging, and it is not easy to breed. It can smoothly extend the shelf life of some foods such as fresh meat or medicines, which means that vacuum packaging bags The shelf life is longer than ordinary plastic bags;

   Third, the vacuum packaging bag can use the barrier properties of the substrate to achieve high barrier-water, oxygen, and gas barrier effects;


  Fourth, when used in packaging electronic products, vacuum packaging bags can be moisture-proof; when packaging some foods, they can be resistant to oil and aroma, or can withstand high-temperature cooking and low-temperature refrigeration. Reflect the versatility of vacuum packaging bags according to different packaging materials;


  Fifth, vacuum packaging bags can use modern production technology to achieve automated large-scale process production, which will greatly save the production cost of vacuum packaging bags;


   Sixth, the vacuum packaging bag uses non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting packaging materials, no adhesives are added during production, no solvent residue problems, and environmental protection.


  It can be said that with the above-mentioned advantages of vacuum packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags are widely used in many industries such as food industry, electronics industry, chemical industry and so on.

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