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Tea packaging material selection and design

    With the improvement of the living standards of society, consumers’ spiritual needs, aesthetic demand plays an increasingly important orientation in the tea market. For this reason, the current tea packaging requires the functionality of tea product properties and has a rich cultural attribute and aesthetic value. Require tea packaging should be reasonably selected according to the difference in tea product positioning, and make targeted design for packaging appearances, guiding consumers’ consumption behavior. Therefore, in order to promote the development of the tea market, the value of tea packages is increased to starting point, and the mainstream materials and tea leaves of tea packaging are designed, color design and text design have important practical significance.

  1. tea packaging material selection

    Tea product packaging has a variety of feature, from different squares of material textomas, can be divided into soft packaging, semi-hard packaging and hard packaging. Soft packaging mainly refers to packaging with composite bags, plastic food bags, and paper bags. If the hard packaging is mainly referring to the use of gold-plated boxes, bamboo boxes, wooden boxes, and glass bottles, iron bottles, porcelain bottles, etc. It should be based on packaging demand, and different packaging materials should be made.

1.1 tea packaging —- bamboo box and wooden box

    Bamboo boxes are used as gift packaging with wooden box packaging. This bamboo and wooden packaging have fine workmanship, packaging surface printing exquisite patterns to strengthen the decorative properties of the packaging, this design has the pattern and text of my country’s traditional cultural atmosphere, and my country’s traditional culture has this plant. The cultural positioning is in line with. It is easier to evoke the consumer’s cultural identity of tea packaging. However, the sealing effect is poor, and the aluminum foil coating bag is required to perform internal packaging.

1.2 Tea Packaging —- Paper Bag Tea Packaging

Tea Bag commonly used in paper bags of tea. The packaging material of the bag is a thin filter paper, which can be placed directly in the tea set together in the packaging. In order to facilitate multiple soaking of bags, the choice of bag tea packaging materials requires a lot of impact on consumer’s consumption and consumption behavior, so it is an effective way to promote tea consumption. This feminine is considered from the shape, color and the text. The paper bag is adapted to the mainstream of the young people in the tea consumption, mostly used in the packaging design of health tea, such as quitting smoking tea, buck tea packaging design, etc., is used in the form of paper bag packaging.

1.3 Tea Bags —– Composite Film Bag Packaging

    Composite film bags have suitable prices, good heat sealing properties, not easy to break, and lighter quality, in terms of moisture-proof, fragrance, and anti-odor, especially after adding aluminum foil, The composite film bag also has excellent light shielding. The type of composite film bag currently applied to the tea pack has multiple, including polyethylene / polyvinyl ethylene / polyethylene, biaxial pull-up polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, moisture-proof glass / polyethylene / paper / aluminum foil / Polyethylene et al. Composite thin film tea bags are often applied to tea products with simple characteristics.

1.4 tea packaging —- packaging of metal cans
Metal cans for tea packaging are generally tinned steel sheets, and there are two categories of cylindrical packaging and square packaging. From the sealing method, it is divided into two categories of sealed cans and ordinary tanks, of which the sealing cans are vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging, and ordinary tanks are added Deoxidizer. From a specific application, the ordinary metal cans are mostly used in small packages and simple separate packages in the gift box. Since the sealed metal cans have a good performance in sealing, moisture-proof performance and anti-breaking performance, sealed metal cans are also treated as a wonderful packaging material in tea packaging. However, the cost is high, the transportation cost is large, and the sealed metal cans are often used in the packaging of high-grade tea products.

1.5 tea packaging —- paper composite cans

    Paper composite cans belong to a newer packaging material in tea packaging. Its form is a co-constructed in which the metal upper and lower covers are combined with the composite paper, polyethylene, and cardboard aluminum foil. This packaging material is light than the metal can, and the preservation of tea products is good. In addition, since the paper composite tank package has stronger plasticity, the appearance can be engraved, and the color printing can also be made, so the paper composite can package has a good decorative effect and the display effect. Paper composite canned packaging is characterized by easy recovery, waterproof, moisture-proof due to paper as the main processing raw material. Overcoming metal cans and defects that can cause environmental pollution, and therefore in tea packaging, paper composite canned packaging will also have greater demand.

2 Design of Tea Packaging

2.1 Model design of tea packaging
The design of tea packaging refers to the specific form of tea packaging appearance. In tea packaging design, it is necessary to reflect a distinctive feature, showing the characteristics of products and brands.At present, many tea companies have no attention to the design of tea packaging, which leads to the lack of innovative innovation and imitation of tea packaging design in the market.The similarities of gift boxes, tea buckets, and packaging bags not only let the appearance of the packaging have lost their individual personalities, but even make the personality of the tea product itself are also difficult to get it, this phenomenon has a restrictive role in the positioning of tea products and industry brands. Therefore, in the design of the current tea packaging, we should emphasize the implementation of moderate innovation. Innovative moderate requirements, designers can grasp consumer aesthetic demand, acceptance, etc., avoid using too exaggerated and alternative modeling as a head to attract consumers.In order to avoid their own tea packaging, the tea packaging design workers must use hard packaging to design. Obviously, such materials have higher costs and greater processing difficulty, but they also have a characteristic of secondary use, not easily damaged. It should be noted that the problem of excessive packaging should be avoided in the use of hard packaging, and it should be positioned at the level of high-end gift packaging. Tea packaging design with brands to start a starting point should design unified packaging, and add some differentiated elements and innovative elements to the different types of products, thereby maintaining consumers’ awareness and interest in products and brands.

2.2 Color Design of Tea Packaging

In the packaging design of tea products, the reasonable design of color can bring the most visual impact experience to consumers, thus stimulating the consumer’s purchase desire. Therefore, for tea packaging design, color design is key content. The color design in tea packaging will be restricted by tea product attributes and tea brands, and color itself has its own properties. Therefore, in color design, you should strive to adapt to the properties of tea, and the characteristics of the brand. Ensuring reasonable matching of the main tone and color matching, bringing the consumer fresh and bright feelings.Taking the color design of Xinyang Maofei tea pack as an example, since Xinyang Maofeng has a variety of fragrances such as fragrant, floral and tender fragrance, in the design of the packaging color, such as light green, pale yellow, etc. Thereby reflecting the reference for natural color in Xinyang Mahard Packaging Design. At the same time, Xinyang’s maifeng has a thick taste, and can make a demonstration of tea products through adjusting the brightness and strength of the main tone. In addition, in the packaging design of Xinyang, the four words “Xinyang Maofeng” are product logo. The four-word design of the four words can convey the elegant territory, trustworthy characteristics, thus making consumers Generate reliable and careful impressions.

2.3 Tea packaging text design

     In tea packaging, text not only has the function of product description, but also plays the role of strengthening the beauty of packaging decoration. For the packaging of the tea product, even if there is no pattern modification, it is not possible to lack the text design. The text is a pen in the design of tea. Tea appearance design should have a simple characteristic, which reflects the properties of tea products. The text selected in the design of the tea design should reflect the historical breath. If the traditional calligraphy font is selected to strengthen the artistic and cultural thickness of the tea packaging appearance, enhance the ornamental and artistic sex of tea packaging appearance, reflect the culture of tea culture. Heidy. In tea packaging design practice, text design needs to follow the following principles: First, it is necessary to make considerations about the adaptability of the font and tea products. The variety of tea products is different from the fonts that are adapted. For example, in Pu’er tea packaging, in order to adapt to the culturality and historicity of Pu’er tea, the shape of the outer packaging font should be combined with the cultural connotation of the text. During practice, the Song can be applied to the text design, which reflects the beauty of just soft and practicing, and the cultivation of casuality; second, the text design in tea leaves needs to have good recognition.Don’t be sophisticated text design tends to bring new visual experience to tea packaging, but if you lose your identification, even if you don’t have anything else, you have no value. Therefore, in the text design in tea packaging, it is necessary to make a grasp of tea and other commodities, and convey the emotions and significance of the text, thus highlighting the characteristics of tea product. If the designer can select the text to combine the texture of the tea shape, the national traditional pattern, teapot shape, etc., thus strengthening the decorativeness of the text on the identifiable basis. 

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