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The basic requirements and packaging design of oatmeal packaging bag

1. Basic requirements for oatmeal packaging

1.1 Oatmeal Introduction

Oatmeal, commonly known as oil wheat, jade, a low sugar, high nutrition, high energy food, its signature nutrients are not only high, and the quality is excellent, is one of the foods welcomed by modern people. In the top ten healthy foods, the Times magazine, the oats is the fifth. The oats have been finely processed into cereals, making it more convenient, and the taste is also improved, and become a popular health food.

In the top ten healthy foods, the Times magazine, the oats is the fifth. The oats have been finely processed into cereals, making it more convenient, and the taste is also improved, and become a popular health food. The dietary fiber has a lot of healthy effects; oatmeal is a low-hot food, and it is easy to have a satisfactory, and the long-term consumption has a weight loss efficacy. In addition, oatmeal contains rich vitamins B1, B2, E, folic acid, etc., can improve blood circulation, alleviate the pressure brought by life work: contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and other minerals also prevention osteoporosis, Promote wound healing to prevent the efficacy of anemia.

Foreign oats manufacturers like to join the dried fruit, nuts, beans, etc., China’s oats manufacturers prefer to add maltodextrin, sugar, creamper (plant fat), flavor, etc. Because the oatmeal has the advantages of the above nutritional value and the convenience after processing, oatmeal is more and more popular.

1.2 Influencing factors in oat packaging bags during circulation

The oatmeal variety sold in the market mainly has full ripe oatmeal, and semi-cooked oatmeal. The four major factors affecting oatmeal preservation include microorganisms, oxygen, humidity, and temperature, so they are maintained at lower states when saving. As these conditions changes, oatmeal is likely to be polluted by microorganisms. The oatmeal storage ambient temperature humidity will accelerate this deterioration. Especially if the tide will increase the speed of the damage. Therefore, oatmeal packaging must exclude oxygen, and must be separated from moisture. Of course, ideal is to reduce the storage temperature of the oatmeal to slow its biochemical reaction and volatile speed, but refrigerated in business is unrealistic. In addition, the granules of oatmeal powder are hard and rough, so the packaging material is required to have sufficient strength and wear resistance.

1.3 Packaging requirements of oatmeal

    The oatmeal belongs to the oatmeal processing food, divided into a vast oatmeal, semi-cooked oatmeal and cooked oatmeal. The three types of oatmeal were treated with different degrees of steam, reached the requirements of oatmeal commercial enzyme activity. The oatmeal packaging is divided into small packaging, large packaging, bulk. After entering the market, the big packaging products are generally sold in the sales terminal. Merchants should do the waterproof, dustproof and anti-pollution of oatmeal to ensure that the oatmeal is safe during circulation. When the oatmeal is in the packaging, pay attention to:

1) moisture

The oatmeal will accelerate its tidal speed after the tide.

2) oxidation

Oatite and aromatic ingredients in oatmeal are oxidized.

3) anti-high temperature

High temperatures can cause detergent to accelerate the food.

4) Blocking mildew

Prevent foods from being polluted by microorganisms.

2. oatmeal packaging plan design

2.1 Oatmeal packaging bag materials selection 

    Therefore, the material used for oatmeal packaging must have moisture-proof, gas barrier, and due to the different barrier properties of various packaging materials, the effect of preventing oatmeal failure will be greatly different. And as consumers have improved product packaging requirements, as oatmeal packaging, it is necessary to make good processing performance, convenient heat seal, arbitrary, have certain mechanical strength and chemical corrosion performance, in line with the health standards of packaging food, etc. Wait. During the transportation and sales of oatmeal, good packaging can not only ensure the hygiene and quality in the sales of oats, but also prevent the loss of oatmeal. Oatmeal packaging materials must be hygienic, non-toxic food-grade packaging materials: Since harmful substances in packaging materials are easy to migrate into oatmeal, pollute oatmeal, so oatmeal packaging materials should be hygienic, non-toxic, not bactericidal, Insecticides, preservatives, vapors and other items of pollution, printed ink, adhesive, etc., adhesives, etc., are also non-toxic and harmless. A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging material may not be used and a material containing fluorescent dyes. For the above requirements, the composite film bag is best selected.

Plastic composite films have a lot of advantages such as light, not easy to break, good heat sealing, and price appropriate, and are widely used in packaging. The oatmeal packaging material must be dry, no taste, no mechanical damage, try to use strong, moisture-proof, light shielding and oxygen oxygen performance: oatmeal has moisture absorbing characteristics, extremely easy to oxidation, moisture by oatmeal packaging material And the amount of oxygen is high. Different packaging materials have different moisture permeability and oxygen, current oatmeal packaging materials are mainly composite film packaging materials, and the barrier properties of composite film materials are better. The composite film material is typically composed of a monomer material of 2 to 5 layers, wherein polyester / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene, polypropylene / polyvinyl chloride / polyethylene, polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, Composites such as polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene have a good moisture-proof preservation effect, which can be used in oatmeal packaging. In particular, the barrier resistance of the composite film of the aluminum foil and the polyvinyl chloride is a barrier layer, and the PVDC is an ideal packaging material having high barrier resistance, strong toughness and low temperature heat sealing, thermal shrinkability and chemical stability, in packaging. The industry is unique, especially in which performance, oil-resistant, moisture-proof, acid and alkali, oil-resistant and resistant to a variety of chemical solvents, extending the life of the shelves, making PVDC applications more popular. For decades, the dominant position of the massive packaging material has not been shaken.

2.2 Oatmeal sales packaging positioning

The factors that need to be considered in generally sales positioning:

1. Consumer levels for different consumption levels and to establish different positioning and design methods of product packaging design in this level, this is a choice to consider this based on the premise of market competition.

2 consumers’ psychological needs and changes, because anything is not a constant, and the characteristics also need “greasy”, it needs to be new.

3. The demand and changes in the market, that is, the market is always a state of moving state, especially the ever-changing variant, will reflect through the packaging of goods, otherwise, we will not often see it in advertising ” New packaging new feelings new listing “This word, with the market change, it is necessary to study the changes in the similar products of all competitors, especially new products, a new product is a new change, this is also Must pay attention.

4 Product differences, this product has unique sales owners and unique speech compared to other similar products, because unique owners have real interests.

5. Competitors, determine which markets are in the minds of consumers, and who are in the market, and conduct relevant investigations of competitors, marketing strategies, etc., which makes their own competition.

From the above aspects, the brand oatmeal is mainly used for ordinary people to eat in daily, and the sales packaging should be as good as the public. The appearance is simple and beautiful. 

2.3. Oatmeal  packaging bag design

Then,we think in the oatmeal packaging bag design, you need to grasp the following principles to make the brand’s nut products get a place in the market.

1) oatmeal graphics expression is accurate, in line with product properties: The advantages and accident of graphical effects depends on whether the graphics can directly and properly communicate brand personality and specific product characteristics.

2) The form of art is fashionable. It is necessary to comply with consumer psychology: the design of oatmeal graphics should comply with the various factors of consumers, understand and master consumers’ hobbies and taboos, and strive to produce positive and healthy psychological effects. At the same time, the principles of geographical scale, national scale, custom scale, cultural background scale, and cognitive scale of graphics should also be grasped.

3) The description will be convenient to read, and the identification is strong. The function, characteristics, storage limit, manufacturer, product bar code, etc. are generally performed. The font selected by the text should pay attention to specific information and psychological reactions. To make consumers feel different affinity and feel the effect of increasing the rate when reading.

3. Oatmeal packaging bag type 

Currently, the cereals in the market are dazzling. Common cereal bags mainly have small packaging back sealing bags, stand up pouch bags, and eight-side sealing bag.

3.1.Pillow bag /Back sealing bag

Back sealing bag is a special vocabulary in the packaging industry. Simple talk is to cover the bag on the back of the bag, The application of the back sealing bag is very broad, generally candy, bagging instant noodles, bagged dairy products, bagged cereals, etc. are all in this type of packaging. Mainly using vertical packaging machines or pillow packaging machines for machine packaging

This independent small packaging can be loaded into large packaging bags or for sale in the box, with good sealing, easy to use.

3.2 Stand up pouch cereals bag

Stand up pouch cereals bag  refers to a soft bag with a horizontal support structure, which does not rely on any support, and whether the opening should be standing.Stand up pouch bags are a relatively novel packaging form, which has an advantage in improving the product grade, strengthening the shelf visual effect, carrying light, convenient, preservation and sealing.

3.3 Eight side sealing oatmeal bag

Eight Side Sealing Oatmeal Bag is also known as an octagonal flat pocket, and its bottom is flat, and there are eight edges, and therefore named. There are 4 edges of the bottom, and there are 2 fences in the left and right, and the total is 8. There are 5 display faces in the octagonal bag: 1 front and forth, 1 left and right, and 1 at the bottom. In this way, the octagonal bag can carry more information media information, better display promotion of food and brand.



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