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The common points and differences of vacuum bags, deoxygenated bags and retort packaging bags

    Vacuum packaging bags, deoxygenated packaging bags, and retort packaging bags are more common packaging forms, but what are the common points and differences among the three? This article will introduce the applications, commonalities and differences of these three types of packaging.

1.Vacuum packaging bag

     Vacuum packaging is also called evacuated packaging. It exhausts the air in the package as much as possible, reduces the volume of the packaged material, makes the packaged material close to the packaging bag and is not easy to move, avoids impact with the packaging, and can prevent oxidation of the content. The multiplication of bacteria and anaerobic bacteria makes it easy to carry, not easy to break, and can extend the shelf life of the contents.

 2.Deoxygenated packaging bag

    The deoxygenated packaging bag does not need to exhaust all the air in the package, but put a deoxidizer in the package to deplete the oxygen in the package. The growth of a bacteria prevents the oxidative deterioration of the packaged product to extend the content. Plastic flexible packaging with a shelf life.

3.Retort packaging bag

    The plastic flexible packaging used for high-temperature steaming or water-boiled sterilization is a retort packaging. The packaging must be emptied first. Otherwise, it is difficult for the air in the packaging bag to transfer heat to the contents to kill bacteria. In addition, the air in the packaging will rupture the packaging bag due to thermal expansion.

4.The common points and differences of the three kinds of packaging

     The common point of vacuum packaging bags, deoxidizing packaging bags, and retorting packaging bags is that they must be made of plastic film with good gas barrier properties. The difference between them is that vacuum packaging does not require heating and cooking, but the cooking packaging must be vacuumed first. Vacuum packaging may not exhaust all the oxygen. Although the deoxygenated packaging is not vacuumed, the oxygen in the packaging must be exhausted. Therefore, in the choice of packaging film, vacuum packaging and deoxidizing packaging only need to use films with good gas barrier properties and oxygen barrier properties.

Retortable packaging, in addition to good barrier properties (gas barrier, oxygen barrier) and high heat resistance (endurable to high temperature cooking), the film also requires good water vapor permeability, printed ink and composite The adhesive also requires good high temperature resistance.

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