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Shanghai Duxia takes you to understand the design process of packaging bags

1. Input: Clear requirements

    1. According to the product manager’s positioning of the product and the designer’s own understanding of the product, determine the range of packaging cost and determine the packaging method accordingly;

    2. If it is a new product line, the product packaging method can be determined according to market research and the cost range of the entire packaging module can be estimated; specific to the product in the title map, it can be concluded that the product packaging method has been determined, then the next step is based on The actual product size determines the size of the product packaging.


2. Design: reflect product characteristics, attract consumers’ attention, and promote sales


    1. Determine size: determine the size of the outer packaging according to the size of the product; why must the designer determine this size? Can I fit this product? I personally feel that determining the size is very important for the beauty of the design. Size requirement: Place it in a size that can present product characteristics. The size ratio should be beautiful, generous, and placed in the store to attract the attention of consumers, increase and improve the conversion rate. Specifically, the product packaging shown in the main post picture of the title is made up of: tin foil or aluminum foil on the back + PET on the front + four-color printing + dumb film on the surface. Material: tin foil or aluminum foil. The specifications of PET are priced according to the thickness, and the unit of thickness is: silk , The products printed with different thicknesses have different textures; Printing: copperplate gravure printing requires one color to make a copperplate;


    2. Draw a die map according to the determined size;

    3. Determine the design tile size according to the die map, Note that this size must contain bleeding;

    4. Carry out the creative design on the design size tile drawing, divide the drawing into front and back; Note: Die pattern drawing and design tile drawing are best divided into different layers. In this way, the files are clean and tidy, which is convenient for the post-production typesetting of the printing factory. Try to group the design elements into a group, so as to avoid the design elements falling during the post-composition process and avoid rework.


3. Output: Provide accurate documents to facilitate the smooth progress of subsequent processes

     1. Export the design draft to a jpg image, which contains the design tiled drawing + die drawing + size. The accuracy should not be too high, for the demand side to use the manuscript (determine the text elements, etc.).


    2. Provide design source files (ai files) for printing houses. Design and use software: Adobe Illustrator printing factory will use the design source files in the following aspects: design tile drawings —> used to produce printed copperplate gravure knife patterns —> make knife molds

    So far, the packaging of a product is not limited to the packaging design and graphic creative design of a single product, but also includes some very pragmatic other work, and then continue to talk.


4. Output: auxiliary work


    1. Material requirements can be provided, and the demander can inquire about different printing suppliers according to the material requirements + size + printing process you provide to select a supplier with a suitable price. Suppliers can be required to provide stepped prices when inquiring. What is a step price? Simply put, the packaging and printing of each product is different in different quantities, and the price is quoted according to the printing volume. Because the cost of the opening version of each printed document is fixed, the more the printed quantity, the cheaper the unit price.


    2. Product bulk packaging design. Products must have channels to go to the store, and bulk outer packaging boxes need to be used for channel transportation. According to the product in the title picture, it is also necessary to pack the product with PO bag. For example: this product is small and exquisite. According to the sales experience of the channel, if it is 500PCS/carton, then it can be 50 PCS/1PO bag, 10 bags/carton. Calculate the length×width×height dimensions of the batch box based on the above packing volume, and draw the expanded view of the batch box according to the size, and mark the size. (Die drawing, both inner and outer diameters are acceptable). Nailing technology is not allowed for export foreign trade bulk boxes, just glue.


    3. After completing the above work, produce a production line packaging guide as required: single product factory production line packaging guide + batch product packing guide.


    4. Completed.

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