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The development trend of packaging design

   The combination of tradition and modernity, and the combination of nationality and internationality are one of the important characteristics of excellent packaging design. This is also confirmed by examples of international and domestic excellent packaging design. In modern packaging design, we must not only pay attention to the national culture of the country, but also take into account the characteristics of the times and the national culture of the region in order to design excellent packaging.

  Packaging design is a very characteristic form of modern social culture. It is not only a part of traditional culture, but also a material carrier of culture. Tradition refers to the thoughts, culture, morals, styles, arts, systems, and behaviors that have been passed down through history, and national culture is a very important part of traditional culture. The more local and national, the easier it is to attract people. “Only national is the world.” These concepts have gradually become the consensus in the era of world economic integration. If modern packaging design has national characteristics, it will be more recognized by the world.

   In China, many tea packaging designs reflect the traditional Chinese culture.

The development of China’s five thousand years of civilization, whether it is court art or folk art, has accumulated a large number of artistic expressions through the creation and practice of painters, entertainers, craftsmen, and common people. After a long history of condensing, Chinese national culture and art have gradually The formation of various graphics and decorations with typical cultural connotations reflects the life philosophy and aesthetic taste of the entire nation, and is a great legacy left to us by history. These are the source of modern packaging design, which in turn helps us design packaging with Chinese characteristics.

   Our packaging design must not only maintain the traditional characteristics and individuality of our nation, but also conform to the aesthetic psychology of different countries and nations. Therefore, in the actual application of these traditional folk elements, we should not be satisfied with simply applying them. Instead, we should draw on and absorb their expression methods and modeling characteristics, combine the characteristics of the products, and incorporate modern flavors, so that the design has both National characteristics and sense of the times.


    1. Realistic psychology

   The main consumer psychology characteristic of most consumers in the consumption process is realistic psychology. They believe that the actual utility of the product is the most important. They hope that the product is convenient to use, cheap and good, and does not deliberately pursue the beautiful appearance and novel style. Consumer groups with a realistic mentality are mainly mature consumers, working class, housewives, and elderly consumer groups.

  2, the psychology of seeking beauty

   Consumers with a certain degree of affordability generally have a psychology for beauty, pay attention to the shape of the product itself and external packaging, and pay more attention to the artistic value of the product. The consumer groups with a desire for beauty are mainly young people and intellectuals, and women account for 75.3% of these groups. In terms of product categories, the packaging of jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and gifts needs to pay more attention to the psychological manifestation of aesthetic value.

   3. Seeking differences

  The consumer group with a psychology of seeking differences is mainly young people under 35 years old. This type of consumer group believes that the styles of products and packaging are extremely important, and they must be novel, unique, and individual, which means that the shape, color, and graphics of the packaging are required to be more fashionable and avant-garde, but the use value and price of the product are not very high. care. In this consumer group, juveniles and children account for a considerable proportion. For them, sometimes the packaging of the product is more important than the product itself. For this group of consumer groups that cannot be ignored, its packaging design should highlight the “novelty” characteristics to meet their psychological needs for seeking differences.

   4. Herd mentality

  Consumers with conformity psychology are willing to cater to popular trends or imitate the style of celebrities. This type of consumer group spans a large age group, because various media’s vigorous promotion of fashion and celebrities promotes the formation of this psychological behavior. To this end, packaging design should grasp popular trends, or directly introduce product image spokespersons that are popular among consumers to increase the trust of products.

   5. Seeking brand psychology

   No matter what kind of consumer group, there is a certain psychology of seeking a name, value the brand of the product, and have a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. When economic conditions permit, even insist on subscribing regardless of the high price of the product. Therefore, the establishment of a good brand image in packaging design is the key to successful product sales.

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