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Understand the selection of materials for 15 types of plastic packaging in one article!

Retort packaging bag

Packaging requirements: for meat, poultry, etc. packaging, the packaging is required to have good barrier properties, resistance to bone puncture, and sterilization under the conditions of cooking without breaking, cracking, shrinking, and odor.

Design structure:



Design reason:

PET: high temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printability and high strength.

PA: High temperature resistance, high strength, flexibility, good barrier properties and puncture resistance.

AL: Best barrier property, high temperature resistance.

CPP: It is a high-temperature cooking grade with good heat-sealability, non-toxic and tasteless.

PVDC: high temperature resistant barrier material.

GL-PET: Ceramic evaporation film, good barrier property, microwave transparent.

Choose a suitable structure for specific products. Transparent bags are mostly used for cooking, and AL foil bags can be used for ultra-high temperature cooking.


Puffed snack food bag

Packaging requirements: oxygen resistance, water resistance, light protection, oil resistance, fragrance preservation, scratchy appearance, bright colors, and low cost.

Design structure: BOPP/VMCPP

Design reason: BOPP and VMCPP are both quite wide, BOPP has good printability and high gloss. VMCPP has good barrier properties, protects fragrance and prevents moisture. CPP also has better oil resistance.


Miso Packaging Bag

Packaging requirements: odorless, tasteless, low-temperature sealing, anti-seal pollution, good barrier properties, and moderate price.

Design structure: KPA/S-PE

Design reason: KPA has excellent barrier properties, good strength and toughness, high fastness to PE compound, not easy to break, and good printability. Modified PE is a variety of PE blends (co-extrusion), with low heat sealing temperature and strong resistance to sealing pollution.


Biscuit Packaging Bag

Packaging requirements: good barrier properties, strong shading, oil resistance, high strength, odorless and tasteless, and the packaging is scratchy.

Design structure: BOPP/EXPE/VMPET/EXPE/S-CPP

Design reason: BOPP has good rigidity, good printability and low cost. VMPET has good barrier properties, prevents light, oxygen, and water. S-CPP has good low temperature heat sealability and oil resistance.


Milk powder packaging bag

Packaging requirements: long shelf life, scent and taste, anti-oxidation and deterioration, anti-moisture-absorption and caking.

Design structure: BOPP/VMPET/S-PE

Design reason: BOPP has good printability, good gloss, good strength and moderate price. VMPET has good barrier properties, light shielding, good toughness, and metallic luster. It is better to use reinforced PET aluminum plating, and the AL layer is thick. S-PE has good anti-pollution sealability and low temperature heat sealability.


Green tea packaging bag

Packaging requirements: prevent deterioration, discoloration, and taste, that is, prevent the oxidation of protein, chlorophyll, catechin and vitamin C contained in green tea.

Design structure: BOPP/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, KPET/PE

Design reason: AL foil, VMPET, KPET are all materials with excellent barrier properties, and have good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor, and odors. The light shielding properties of AK foil and VMPET are also excellent. The product price is moderate.


Edible oil bag

Packaging requirements: anti-oxidation deterioration, good mechanical strength, high burst resistance, high tear strength, oil resistance, high gloss, transparency


Design reason: PA, PET, PVDC have good oil resistance and high barrier properties. PA, PET, PE have high strength, and the inner PE is special PE, which has good resistance to sealing pollution and high airtightness.


Milk film bag

Packaging requirements: good barrier properties, high burst resistance, light protection, good heat sealability, and moderate price.

Design structure: white PE/white PE/black PE

Design reason: The outer layer of PE has good luster and high mechanical strength, the middle layer of PE is the strength bearer, and the inner layer is a heat-sealing layer, which has light-proof, barrier and heat-sealing properties.


Ground coffee packaging bag

Packaging requirements: anti-absorption, anti-oxidation, resistance to lumps of the product after vacuuming, and keep the volatile and easily oxidized aroma of coffee.

Design structure: PET/PE/AL/PE, PA/VMPET/PE

Design reasons: AL, PA, VMPET have good barrier properties, water and gas barriers, and PE heat sealability.


Chocolate bag

Packaging requirements: good barrier properties, light-proof, beautiful printing, low temperature heat sealing.

Design structure: pure chocolate varnish/ink/white BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant, nut chocolate varnish/ink/VMPET/AD/BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant

Design reason: PVDC and VMPET are high barrier materials, cold sealant can be sealed at very low temperature, and the heat will not affect the chocolate. Since the nuts contain more oil and are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, an oxygen barrier is added to the structure.


Beverage packaging bag

Packaging requirements: Acidic beverages have a pH value of <4.5, pasteurization, and general barrier properties. The pH value of neutral drinks is >4.5, which has high sterilization and barrier properties.

Design structure:

Acidic beverages: PET/PE (CPP), BOPA/PE (CPP), PET/VMPET/PE


Design reason: For acidic beverages, PET and PA can provide good barrier properties, pasteurization resistance, and extend the shelf life due to acidity.

For neutral beverages, AL provides the best barrier properties, high PET and PA strength, and high temperature sterilization resistance.


Liquid detergent three-dimensional bag

Packaging requirements: high strength, impact resistance, burst resistance, good barrier properties, good rigidity, can stand upright, stress crack resistance, and good sealing.

Design structure:

①Three-dimensional: BOPA/LLDPE; bottom: BOPA/LLDPE.

②Three-dimensional: BOPA/enhanced BOPP/LLDPE; bottom: BOPA/LLDPE.

③Three-dimensional: PET/BOPA/reinforced BOPP/LLDPE; bottom: BOPA/LLDPE.

Design reason: The above-mentioned structure has good barrier properties, high material rigidity, suitable for three-dimensional packaging bags, and good bottom flexibility, suitable for processing. The inner layer is modified PE, which has good resistance to sealing pollution. Strengthening BOPP increases the mechanical strength of the material and enhances the barrier properties of the material. PET improves the water resistance and mechanical strength of the material.


Aseptic packaging cover material

Packaging requirements: Sterile in packaging and use.

Design structure: coating/AL/peeling layer/MDPE/LDPE/EVA/peeling layer/PET.

Design reason: PET is a sterile protective film that can be peeled off. When entering the aseptic packaging area, the PET is uncovered to expose the sterile surface. The AL foil peeling layer is uncovered when the customer drinks. Punch the drinking hole on the PE layer in advance, and the drinking hole will be exposed when the AL foil is removed. AL foil is used for high barrier, MDPE has good rigidity, good thermal adhesion with AL foil, LDPE is cheap, the VA content of the inner EVA is 7%, VA>14% is not allowed to directly contact food, EVA is heat-sealed at low temperature to prevent sealing pollution Good sex.


Pesticide packaging bag

Packaging requirements: As pesticides are highly toxic and seriously endanger personal and environmental safety, the packaging requires high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, drop resistance, and good sealing.

Design structure: BOPA/VMPET/S-CPP

Design reason: BOPA has good flexibility, puncture resistance, high strength and good printability. VMPET has high strength and good barrier properties, and can be used with increased thickening coating materials. S-CPP provides heat sealability, barrier properties and corrosion resistance, and uses ternary copolymer PP. Or adopt multi-layer co-extruded CPP with high barrier EVOH and PA layer.


Heavy bag

Packaging requirements: Heavy packaging is used for packaging of agricultural products such as rice, beans, chemical products (such as fertilizers), etc. The main requirements are good strength and toughness and necessary barrier properties.

Design structure: PE/plastic fabric/PP, PE/paper/PE/plastic fabric/PE, PE/PE

Design reason: PE provides sealability, good flexibility, drop resistance, and high strength of plastic fabric

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