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What are the main types of tea packaging?

     At present, the tea packaging type mainly has large packaging tea bags, small packaging tea bags, vacuum packaging tea bags and deoxidation packaging tea bags.


1. Big packaging tea bag.

    The big packaging tea bag refers to the weight of each packaging of more than 10 kilograms. Usually used as tea or finished tea, rarely sold directly on the shelves as commodity tea. Big packaging tea bags generally have 2 layers of packaging composition: inner layer with a molecular material or a plastic bag or aluminum foil bag processed with a metal material, a large package (boxed) material selected a kraft paper aluminum foil paper packaging, better than the ordinary plastic bag . The outer layer uses a wooden box or carton. This packaging moisture-proof performance is poor, breathable, and is not good for protecting tea quality.

2. Small packaging tea bag

     The small packaging tea bag is relative to the large bag, and the weight of each package is not more than 500 grams per package. Usually the finished product is placed directly on the shelf to sell directly to consumers. Small packaging tea generally uses a composite bag and an aluminum foil bag, a material having polyester / polyethylene, glass paper / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene or a tin can, a paper can, a ceramic tank, and the like. Such packaging is better than large packaging.



3. Tea vacuum packaging bag

    The tea vacuum packaging bag is a vacuum packaging machine, and immediately seals the air in the bag, enabling the vacuum state in the package, thereby blocking the oxidation of tea oxidation and reaching the purpose of preservation. Because tea is loose porous, the surface area is large, and due to equipment operating factors, it is generally difficult to completely exhaust the air, so the effect of vacuum packaging is better than the filing packaging. At the same time, due to the vacuum-state packaging bag and the filled tea, it will have a certain effect on the shape of the appearance of famous tea. Tea vacuum packaging The packaging bags must be a gas barrier (oxidant) performance aluminum foil or other 2 or more composite membrane materials, or iron, aluminum, canache packaging.


4. Tea deoxidation packaging

    Deoxidation packaging refers to a composite membrane container with a highly airtight, and then adds a small bag of removing oxygen (or proves oxygen) after loading tea.

    The deoxidizer is a specially treated activated iron oxide which can react with oxygen in the packaging container, thereby consuming oxygen in the container. Generally, the sealing removing agent is about 24 hours, and the oxygen concentration in the container can be reduced to 0. 1% or less. The green tea with deoxidation is used, in the aroma, the taste is better, and the vitamin content is basically no change in 80 days. The deoxidizer is often also called tea special preservation agents, or the special addition oxygen in tea, which has the advantage of significant effect, convenient to use, has been widely used in production. At present, tea special preservation agents are generally used in small packaging tea or famous tea. Since the weight of each packaging tea is different, the preservation plant is also processed into different matrices when producing products, to accommodate various packaging tea leaves.


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