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What is the eight-side sealing bag?

    Eight-side sealing bags are very popular in the plastic packaging industry. What is an eight-side sealing bag making machine? As the name suggests, there are eight sealing edges, four sealing edges at the bottom and two sides on each side. This bag type is a new bag type that has emerged in the past two years. At present, many well-known Chinese e-commerce brands are using this bag type. Squirrel, Loulan Honey, Qilixiang, etc. The eight-side sealing bag is widely favored by consumers because of its good three-dimensional effect, relatively high-end appearance, and high-end atmosphere. Although its price is a bit more expensive than ordinary packaging bags, it has a wide range of applications and covers a wide range of foods. Such as red dates, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts in dried fruits, milk powder, oatmeal, protein powder in nutritional products, beef jerky and buns in snack foods, and eight-side seals are also commonly used in tea packaging. Packaging bag.


    So why can it get so many types of food packaging in love? There must be a reason for this, the reason is that the eight-side seal packaging bag has many advantages. Next, Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will introduce the advantages of eight-side sealing bags:


    ①. It has better stability than other bags. Its bottom has four sealing edges, so that the bottom is flat, and it can stand like loose with or without food. Whether it is on sale or in use, it brings us a lot of convenience.


    ②. It has more display surface than other bags. It has a total of 5 display surfaces, which is so good to display. There is a lot of information to be printed on food packaging bags, and the two display surfaces of ordinary bags are slightly insufficient. The five display surfaces of the eight-side sealed bag have sufficient space for image design and brand design.


    ③. It has a stronger three-dimensional effect than other bags. In terms of three-dimensionality, the eight-side sealing bag relies on this unique shape and is placed in the Yunyun packaging bag. It is very eye-catching and can leave a deep impression. This has a great effect on brand promotion.


    ④. It has a flatter appearance than other bags. After being filled with food, the eight-side sealing bag can maintain a better flatness and exquisite appearance, which other packaging bags cannot do.

    The above points are the advantages of the eight-side-sealed packaging bag, and can’t help but temptation? Then hurry up and customize it!


    Composite eight-side seal packaging bags are very popular, but many problems will be encountered during the manufacturing process. I will briefly list some reasons that easily cause eight-side seal bags to break.


    1. Factors in raw materials

    The material selected for the eight-side seal packaging bag must have sufficient thickness. Insufficient thickness will result in insufficient strength of the composite film, which will cause bag breakage. The addition of recycled materials in the fine materials will reduce the performance of the recycled materials in all aspects. If too much is added, the strength of the composite film will be insufficient, resulting in broken bags. It is usually more appropriate to use PE materials, so it is still very particular about choosing eight-side sealing materials.

    2. Bag-making process

    The bag-making process of the eight-side sealing bag is also very particular about bag-making. The temperature of the bag-making is too high, which causes the performance of the heat-sealing material at the heat-sealing part to drop, and the pressure of the bag-making is too high, which causes the heat-sealing material at the heat-sealing part to be squeezed out , The heat sealing strength of the sealing is reduced, causing the eight-side-sealed packaging bag to break when it is dropped. The heat-sealing strip of the bag is too sharp or has mechanical spurs, which will damage the heat-sealed edge of the bag and cause the sign of bag breakage.


    3. Peel strength of composite film

    Eight-side sealing bags also pay attention to the strength of the composite film. If the peel strength of the composite film is too low, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the multi-layer composite material at the same time, and the force cannot be better dispersed. Then the falling process will Cause broken bags. In addition, in high-temperature cooking bags, because some adhesives have poor heat resistance, mobile phone application development, especially in some complex structures, can also cause cracks at the sealing edge during high-temperature cooking.


    The production of composite packaging bags requires many years of experience and technology. Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in this field for many years. If you need professional custom composite eight-side sealing packaging bags, please contact our sales team, we will give you professional quotations and high-quality products!

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